AT Arachis

by architaraz

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Inspired by Aldo Open.
Info: Created on 19th June 2014 . Last edited on 20th June 2014.
License FontStruct License
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Comment by architaraz 20th June 2014
Ah yes! A beauty! You created another unique architaraz-style typeface.

Comment by laynecom 20th June 2014
One of the coolest stencils I've even seen. A few suggestions:
l looks like a t.
t looks like an f
The z should be more like the capital Z.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 23rd June 2014
Also, q looks like g.
Comment by Noah (winty5) 23rd June 2014
this is architawesome! Love the unusual stencil lines. The font viewer sorta messes it up, but the sample shows its true beauty!
Comment by h1k765 23rd June 2014
can you make it cloneable?
Comment by h1k765 23rd June 2014
too stencil for my eyes: +1/5
too ink-trappy for my eyes: +1/5
unique: +2/5
because you're architataz: +3/5

no accents (yet?): -1/5

R might be a little more like K: +0/5

total: 6/5

maximum is 5/5, so 5/5 + fave
Comment by minidonut 23rd June 2014
process complete
Comment by minidonut 23rd June 2014
Awesome +2/10
a lot too wide (a, c, e, s) -4/10
whats with the 'K'? -1/10
not that possible anyway +3/10
its amazing anyway - dang, you're good +8/10
nocebo from expecting great things +2/10
need to give more points +10/10
... 20/10!
well, i better be on the safe side that i probably can't double-vote with my main (j4s13). 10/10 + fav
Comment by johnorics 23rd June 2014
The only main problem is the "R", reducing the ink-trap may solve the problem, but other from that...

"This is architawesome!"
Comment by cablecomputer 23rd June 2014
Very creative +5/10
Cool ink traps +2/10
Weird l,t,z,q -2/10
You're architawesome! +4/10
The N is so cool +2/10
No punctuation/accents/characters -1/10

It adds up to 10/10!
Comment by Noah (winty5) 23rd June 2014
Oh, so much interesting and strange comments ). Thank you. I'll look into your suggestions.
Comment by architaraz 24th June 2014
Oh right, it was 10/10 instead of 5/5 :p
Comment by minidonut 24th June 2014
Why is everybody actually using that way of rating xD
Comment by minidonut 24th June 2014
monkey see monkey do
Comment by johnorics 25th June 2014
Love the a/g!
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 2nd July 2014

To much stencil 4/10

To Trappy 2/10

To Much Like A Warning Font 5/10




Comment by Floppy T 2nd November 2017

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