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The ”Export to Glyphs” functionality now also includes kerning data. 

Live post from meekMon, 6th March
Dear FontStructors. An imminent competition which might interest you: (Thanks to Ata/minimal/thalamic for the tip) »
from @FontStruct on twitterMon, 6th March
PreCambrian Writing
PreCambrian Writing has just published “Phonetic Form
from PreCambrian WritingJust now, 2:15 AM
jirinvk has recently updated “autogramotAD25
from jirinvkToday, 1:05 AM
insanepinecone has just published “mbtlt
from insanepineconeToday, 12:31 AM
NS 17 (Pinkwolf14)

Adjusted letter width and length for more controlability. Most biletter combinations result in a spacing-modified (kerned) letter.

comment by NS 17 (Pinkwolf14) on “Muyumai”, Today, 12:19 AM
tmagames_1 has recently updated “DigiWar
from tmagames_1Thu, 23rd March
Poiqz has just published “oiseau
from PoiqzThu, 23rd March
Actium #typeface makes use of dynamic contrast within linear forms to produce distinctive design—Now with 59€ promo… »
from FontShop on twitterWed, 22nd March
Cristiano Sequeira (cristiano1844)
Cristiano Sequeira (cristiano1844) has just published “Latotugo
from Cristiano Sequeira (cristiano1844)Thu, 23rd March
Kristine Do (bubblete)
Kristine Do (bubblete) has recently updated “BubbleTe
from Kristine Do (bubblete)Thu, 23rd March
Michael Blair (Ciotog)

Thanks for the comments! Here's a revised image with some further detailing.

comment by Michael Blair (Ciotog) on “Americano”, Thu, 23rd March
samnsadie has just published “Reverse Stars
from samnsadieThu, 23rd March

Both of them look great

comment by 7m.t7 on “ElizabethSanders”, Thu, 23rd March

My lower case letters r just too heat G. They got like stars and circles and look sweet dawg

comment by 7g.jl on “Capital Letters”, Thu, 23rd March
“Don’t listen to anyone who tells you you have to make it more perfect.” Read our interview with… »
from FontShop on twitterMon, 20th March
7m.t7 has just published “ElizabethSanders
from 7m.t7Thu, 23rd March
7g.jl has just published “Capital Letters
from 7g.jlThu, 23rd March
meoartist has just published “MEO Font
from meoartistThu, 23rd March
jirinvk has recently updated “autogramotAC25
from jirinvkThu, 23rd March
d.millard680 has just published “Futuristica
from d.millard680Thu, 23rd March

Inventive and very effective use of circle bricks with different diameters. The font would benefit from decreased letter spacing.

comment by four on “bespeckled”, Thu, 23rd March
Enjoy the intro discount now—50% off till April 20th ▸ »
from FontShop on twitterThu, 9th March

A great variation on an already beautiful font. That E is indeed wonderful. A lowercase-style e could make an interesting alternate character.

comment by four on “Esgaroth Unicase”, Thu, 23rd March

Beautiful pixel-based script, making me curious how it was made. I agree with meek though, a bit of work on spacing will make it even better.

comment by four on “Auldridge”, Thu, 23rd March

Beautifully ornamental.

comment by four on “Regalia”, Thu, 23rd March
Brynda Meyerholt (brynda1231)
Brynda Meyerholt (brynda1231) has recently updated “B1 Maze
from Brynda Meyerholt (brynda1231)Thu, 23rd March
Hugin has just published “Secret Cabal
from HuginThu, 23rd March
7p.zn11 has recently updated “allisontuskan
from 7p.zn11Thu, 23rd March
NS 17 (Pinkwolf14)
NS 17 (Pinkwolf14) has recently updated “Muyumai
from NS 17 (Pinkwolf14)Thu, 23rd March
 Joshbrandt (papajones12)

i have the krabby patty formula

comment by Joshbrandt (papajones12) on “AT Universiade”, Thu, 23rd March
 Joshbrandt (papajones12)

first you loppie the loop then pull and your shoes are lookin cool

comment by Joshbrandt (papajones12) on “AT Universiade”, Thu, 23rd March
 Joshbrandt (papajones12)

im gonna greif you

comment by Joshbrandt (papajones12) on “zkueta eYe/FS”, Thu, 23rd March
 Joshbrandt (papajones12)

well done

comment by Joshbrandt (papajones12) on “Minotur”, Thu, 23rd March
 Joshbrandt (papajones12)

im herobrian

comment by Joshbrandt (papajones12) on “Americano”, Thu, 23rd March
 Joshbrandt (papajones12)

very creative

comment by Joshbrandt (papajones12) on “BalloonTrees”, Thu, 23rd March
 Joshbrandt (papajones12)

i really like how abstract your fonts are

comment by Joshbrandt (papajones12) on “Croptology”, Thu, 23rd March

once again i was attemping to go for an old video game style faunt i failed i think :(

comment by 8d.4p on “DHCAPS”, Thu, 23rd March
funk_king has recently updated “Croptology
from funk_kingThu, 23rd March
I.ham has just published “i.sans
from I.hamThu, 23rd March
jeroendehaan has just published “Schrofer Square
from jeroendehaanThu, 23rd March
howellgrl has just published “Pathways
from howellgrlThu, 23rd March

For the X, x & y (and to a lesser extent, the A), you could move the feet outward, so that they are centered where the diagonals reach

 … more
comment by Goatmeal on “Romaeo Basel”, Thu, 23rd March
Baljinima Batomunkuev (MadSheep3)
Baljinima Batomunkuev (MadSheep3) has recently updated “bb Obsession
from Baljinima Batomunkuev (MadSheep3)Thu, 23rd March