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A pixel-style Elder Futhark runic font (plus a few non-Futhark symbols). WORKS BEST IN ALL CAPS -- lowercase characters bring up smaller runes or alternate rune forms. Please see comments for more info.

Info: Created on 17th October 2013 . Last edited on 23rd October 2013.
License Creative Commons
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Rune to Latin letter correspondences go by near-ish pronunciation, give or take an academic cat-fight.

Uses primarily Latin CAPS; lowercase Latin alphabet gives slightly smaller versions of runes or alternate forms, with these exceptions:
Dagaz - lower-case d (also modern Icelandic edth, Ð or ð)
Ingwaz -lower-case n
Ïsaz - lower-case i (also Ï or ï)
Thorn - Uppercase D, also modern Icelandic Þ and þ.
Ingwaz (diamond and square forms) - Ñ and ñ

Q gives you Kenaz+Wunjo;
J and Y both give you Jera;
V and W both give you Wunjo;
X gives you Kenaz+Sig.

Some non-Futhark symbols are also included. # or Ÿ brings up the bindrune of the entire Elder Futhark. "At" sign @ brings up a simplified Helm of awe. Exclamation mark ! brings up the hammer sign. Question mark ? brings up the Valknut.

Anything you still can't handle is your own problem. If you need more info. on the Elder Futhark and other symbols, try these links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elder_Futhark
And remember, kiddies: "Skalat maðr rúnar rísta,/nema ráða vel kunni,/þat verðr mörgum manni,/es of myrkvan staf villisk."

Please note: despite their appropriation by hate groups, none of these symbols or characters are hate symbols in themselves. They are presented here with benign intent, for anyone to use; they should not be construed as communicating hatred towards any group (or, conversely, as offering affirmation to bigots).
Comment by Xampayne2012 23rd October 2013

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