Global Mono

by FTLogomaker

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Working on getting the entire character set in :)


By entire, do you mean FS Basic, FS Expert Mode Unicode, all of Plane 1, or Plane 1 - 16? :) (yeah i know you meant the first one!)

Very nice. The lowercase t could be improved thouh, perhaps you could move the entire top half doen a pixel?
Also, the Greek alpha should look more like a one-storey a, the lambda's longer stroke should be an ascender, and it would probably be better to horizontally reflect pi.
And what about tge name "Global Mono", it seems you forgot around the end of Greek :P
Comment by Houlaiziaa 8th august 2013
Amazingly easy to read at one pixel size.
Comment by Wonson (owowow) 13th august 2013
@owowow: Thanks! @Umbreon126: It's still a work in progress.
Comment by Geneskl 18th august 2013
Oh, crap; One of my friends was using my computer, and I forgot to sign out of their account...
Comment by FTLogomaker 18th august 2013
Fixed the 't', and improved the incredibly misbalanced and ugly 'f' a bit, thanks for the advice!
Comment by FTLogomaker 18th august 2013
By the way, @Umbreon126: Yes, I mean every possible character.

--Although it's already more extensive than Helvetica :)
Comment by FTLogomaker 21st august 2013
(there's currently no way to have a font support every character, short of providing it in pieces, like the [really ugly] Code2001/2/3) (and what about Chinese lol)
Hey, by the way since you've increased the width to accommodate for some letters, why not make the "M"/"W" wider as well :)
Comment by Houlaiziaa 21st august 2013
I want at least all of the English alphabet to be monospace :)
Comment by FTLogomaker 21st august 2013
I generally don’t get involved with the 500+ character fonts, but this one has a nice sense of proportion. 10/10 for being the first mega font that caught my eye for reasons other than the amount of characters.
Comment by demonics 25th august 2013
Thanks! I'm glad to hear that this catches someone's eye for reasons other than size.

PS: Woo-hoo! Finally updated my avatar!
Comment by FTLogomaker 25th august 2013
@FTLogomaker - Congratulations on the new avatar. A suggestion: I realize you want the letter colors to match the block/button colors, but it's difficult to read much past the F with the rest being so dark against the black background; perhaps change the rest of the letters to white for easier reading?
Comment by Goatmeal 25th august 2013
Good point, I will do that. Thanks!
Comment by FTLogomaker 25th august 2013

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