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Info: Created on 6th April 2013 . Last edited on 21st March 2018.
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Enjoy the fun :)

Comment by Aeolien 22nd January 2018

'Kerbe' = notch, but I can see it like: hair, stalk, sag or vein…

Amusing effect!

Comment by dpla 22nd January 2018

What would I do without dpla ....... FS would lack the general and specific "small push towards thinking and growing", and making me work ;) *whisper: I think I know your mind*

Comment by Aeolien 26th January 2018

+ a subliminal bow… [b.t.w. where are your glasses!?]*

{I logged in this evening just to reply after my old comments, and now FS disconnects me often (a -local?- temp. bug?), but the previewer shows a nice, new feature ('Adjust letterspacing'), and more importantly, the 'creative dudes' are still 'kicking'.}

Do you have a piece of news about your fontstructions/projects/life in 2018?

(* My own work are still on the way of being released, in part on FS, I'll let you know s`o-o'n, there are unique designs and tiiiiny specimina.)

See you!

Comment by dpla 21st February 2018

@dpla If it logs you out, try clearing your cache. If you have cookies turned off, turn them on.

Comment by anonymous-1520403 21st February 2018

@Se7enty-Se7en: Hi, thanks! I had the same idea at first, but since I never change my settings (no cache, cookies on, same shield, extensions up to date), I think my desktop browser is going worse at every iteration, alas! :-( I'll tell you later about this issue if it lasts (~ 4 disconnections as if I were persona non gratuggiata now, ou que je sentais la crème glacée au camembert), but I could see a new and brief error message that could spot a server trouble. I computed many voxel-art and pixel-scripted images during dozens of hours this month, and my good old PC might be a little more functional, I agree…


@Aeo: I think everything is going well on the Aeo planet!
Your "À" is my favorite in "Kerbe2"… Did you think about adding a 'Kerbe generator' (h. & v. positions for composite and fanciful characters, like a bush of diacritics on the same capital)?


@all: I log off to try to finish something I can post quickly here, very soon (a few mini projects can already be submitted, so I'm sure the best fontstructers would derive on my -lame- pixel versions). When it's done, I can resume the wikipedian pages, next my main project.

Comment by dpla 21st February 2018

I forgot a few words but everyone shall have understood, CYA (midnight!)…

Comment by dpla 22nd February 2018

@dpla Try using chrome or firefox. If that doesn't work, then I don't know what will..

Comment by anonymous-1520403 22nd February 2018

l often smile about the knowledge of 77 who loves to take water to the fish in the ocean *fin commentaire cryptique*

Comment by Aeolien 24th February 2018

I think you forgot the Πletter... French uses that...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 25th February 2018

@77: you're right,  I 'forgot' letters & symbols for many non-German  Europeans. I'll republish for German only to change from the thousands of Fontstructions made for English speakers ignoring their Cradle ;) Europe

Comment by Aeolien 26th February 2018

@Se7enty-Se7en: a new browser extension needed me to white list FS, sorry. :-/

@Aeolien: Œuvrons à garder l'œil;-) [Kind DE addition b.t.w.]

Comment by dpla 21st March 2018

@ dpla: tellement très délicat ;) ............. la chance, ce mercredi j'ai mes lunettes, cerveau et clavier; lu, reçu, fait

Comment by Aeolien 21st March 2018



My sole suggestion for now: (more) kerning. [Which would be a very time-consuming process, so don't take it seriously; you look already busy on many creations, like "Dantelina" lately.]

Comment by dpla 21st March 2018

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