Voxelstorm Regular 02

by Frodo7

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Clone of Voxelstorm.
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    Created on 2nd April 2013. Last edited on 20th July 2014.
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    All Rights Reserved. No download available.
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Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You will lose future commenting priveleges, and risk having your FontStruct account deleted, if you do so. Read more.

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For #3 how about a solid version?
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 4th april 2013
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Voxelstorm 02” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 4th april 2013
Congrats, pal! I like the font a lot!
Comment by elmoyenique 4th april 2013
Could anything possibly be better than Voxelstorm 01? The answer is "yes!"
Comment by four 4th april 2013
Strong design! I love the 'F' and '8' especially.
Comment by p2pnut 5th april 2013
@meek: Thank you very much for the special mention. There is one technical problem pointed out by others: the grid scaling did not work on the downloaded font. My demo picture below have been scaled in Photoshop to make it isometric.

@winty: Sorry, I don't understand what do you mean. This is a solid version.

@elmoyenique: Thank you for your kind comments. Like many of my fonts, this one was an unintended outcome of experimentation. I was working on the upgrade version of Hommage a Escher, when I discovered the hidden potential of letter E. I tested several alternate versions until I spotted this one (now included in Voxelstorm), and thought it could be developed to a new font with distinct character. Distinct character, very important in typeface design, and common feature of your works too. (I'm especially fond of your Western fonts.) I remember your last stencil font, ztrontiumdog eYe/FS, when you had several great ideas in one font, each of them could serve as starting point to new character set. I hope one day you return to that work, and consider all the hidden potentials in it. It took me about 4 years after HaE to make this font a reality. Well, nobody can blame me of being hasty.

@four: More versions coming out. Stay tuned.

@p2pnut: Thank you very much for your comments, my old friend. I wish I could spend more time on FS, and write more comments, as before.
I have a difficult but overall happy year behind me, when I was struggling to find a new job. Now I am financially secure again, and could devote more time to intellectual pleasures, such as fontstructing.
Comment by Frodo7 5th april 2013
Every Time It's a pleasure talk with some special people like you, and it's a pleasure too talk with about something like" my dear master at FS", as you are! ¡Gracias, compañero!
Comment by elmoyenique 5th april 2013
Very Unique!
Comment by Shpigle 5th april 2013
Maybe what winty meant was completely devoid of white lines?
Comment by Houlaiziaa 5th april 2013
@Umbreon: Yes, completely free of lines.
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 5th april 2013
@winty5: As I said earlier, this is the solid version, if you think with 3D space in mind. The very concept of this font is about 3D. I've got a few ideas for many variations, however, a flat 2D version is not on my list.
Comment by Frodo7 10th april 2013
Strong work again!
Comment by Michel Troy ~UrbanPixel~ (Upixel) 12th april 2013
Jeez, I was just trying to offer a suggestion!
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 17th april 2013
You didn't have to get so mad! I thought it would look cool!
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 10th may 2013
@winty5: What makes you think I "get so mad"? You've asked a simple question, and I answered it in a polite manner.

I also had a second thought about your suggestion: you can get a "solid" version by superimposing Voxelstorm Regular 02 and 03. Try it in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator by duplicating the font layer and then changing the font in the new layer.
Comment by Frodo7 12th may 2013
I don't have Adobe photoshop or illustrator :(
And sorry for getting so pissed.
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 21st may 2013
I think it's very good and specil!
Comment by Zou Cada 22nd may 2013


Comment by SwedishTypeCorporation 23rd december 2021

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You will lose future commenting priveleges, and risk having your FontStruct account deleted, if you do so. Read more.

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