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A gothic script with a vampire theme.


Is the vertical bars that are to the left of most of the capital letters, and the horisontal bars above them too much? Should I just remove them?

Mind you that this font isn't complete yet. I'm gonna add more characters to it and maybe work a little more with the accented characters that I have now because they don't look completely right.
Comment by Zefyrinus 6th july 2008
I like the calligraphic touch of the detached vertical bars on the left of the caps — but those marks above confused me at first as they look very much like tildes in shape and position. As for the pictographic accents themselves (celtic knot circumflex?) — woah, cool and crazy idea. If you added these for purely decorative purposes, my hat's off to you for the weird and wonderful effect befitting the baroque script of nocturnal immortals. To my mostly-english reading eyes they don't really read if they are intended to be those accents, though. Also, I would make the tildes like the marks currently above the regular caps. As a whole, the accents should be roughly equivalent in weight across the whole range, so beef up the acute and diaeresis, etc...and then again, I can tell there is something behind the somewhat batty logic at play here and perhaps you should keep all these quirks intact. All considered, good work!
Comment by Tgray 7th july 2008
Impressive! Beautiful!!!
Comment by PaulHorton 8th july 2008
Oh wow, thanks for the comments both of you!

The things that look like tildes, they were supposed to be like just these swirly decorations, I can't really explain it but it exists in some calligraphy styles. But since Fontstruct doesn't handle curves very well, they came off as very angular. Maybe I need to rework that part a little...

I wanted to include different symbols in the font, but couldn't come up with many things associated with vampires (those that are, are the blood splatters and the ¨ which is supposed to be bite marks from a vampire), so I just took symbols that were associated with magic (the celtic knot/triquetra) or dark stuff (the upside-down crosses) in general. Well, there is still garlic and holy water that's associated with vampires, but I didn't want to include stuff that the vampires are weak against. Anyway, what I was thinking with the celtic symbol is that it's somewhat triangle shaped, just like ^. And for the caron/hacek I can have the same thing except upside-down. Maybe it is a problem that they might not be understood to be diacritics, but then I thought that if one writes in a language that uses diacritics regularly, one will understand from the context what the symbols are supposed to mean.

Oh, and I need to fix the spacing between the letters btw. Fontstruct doesn't support kerning, so that's why I let some of the thin, decorative parts of the letters go outside the left boundary. Also, the blank-space is way too thin. Does anyone know what regulates the width of the space?
Comment by Zefyrinus 8th july 2008
Gee thanks! :D Diaresis is the same as umlaut (well, their usage is different but the character itself is identical for both). Should I have blood coming out of it? I did actually do that with the semicolon, but it's hard to do a blood drop that looks good. I'll think about it...

I can't believe I forgot about the bat! Thanks for reminding. Then I'm also planning on putting actual horns on the Vietnamese letters that have the horn diacritic.

The connecting line on the I and L was something that kinda happened because those two letters are so thin. But that's a great idea you had, maybe people won't mistake that ornament for ~ then. I'll try it...
Comment by Zefyrinus 10th july 2008
Oh, one thing: I see that some people have already downloaded the font, even though it's not finished yet, which is kinda a shame. I'm still trying out what space there should be between characters, so the whole font is unconsistent and so, so please don't download it quite yet.
Comment by Zefyrinus 10th july 2008
Huh, you think so? I think the A got uglier. Hmm...

None of the metrics stay when one downloads? Huh!
Comment by Zefyrinus 11th july 2008
OK, now I've made the upper bar connect with the left bar for all instances where it's possible. I also changed the diaeresis. The font could be downloaded and used now, but I'm still gonna add more special characters + Japanese kana. Oh, and I need to work with some of the diacritics; grave, acute, etc. I'm not sure what I should do with them...
Comment by Zefyrinus 15th august 2008
Thanks for all the praise again! ^^;

I still don't know if I like it better this way ot not, but I guess it's allright.

What's a casket? I can't find that word in the dictionary I'm using.

I hadn't thought about replacing the grave and acute accents with symbols, but maybe I should do that. The reason why in the current form one is so thick and the other so narrow is just because upper left to lower right strokes are different from lower left to upper right strokes, because of the angle of the "pen". Replacing these too with symbols would be a convenient way of getting rid of that problem. I'll try and see what I could do with an ankh.

I haven't seen that anime you mentioned. I checked link, though I couldn't exactly understand what that website was about. Are you supposed to be able to watch the anime for free there?
Comment by Zefyrinus 16th august 2008
Oh, a coffin! I'll use it. I've changed the acute accent to an ankh now, but I'm not completely sure if it works. I've also added the bat for the caron.

All right. I'll keep an eye out for that anime if I happen to come across it somewhere again.
Comment by Zefyrinus 18th august 2008
WTF? Where did the ankh go? It didn't get saved even though I saved twice before exiting! *sigh*
Comment by Zefyrinus 18th august 2008
Damnit! Fonststruct just won't save my changes. I just spent a lot of time recreating the ogonek which had previously been lost, as well as adding circumflexes on those characters that were missing that, and even though I saved several times, the changes don't show up.

I tried making a coffin btw. But it was impossible to do, it just looked like the pope's hat.
Comment by Zefyrinus 26th august 2008
This font is extra awesome.
Comment by tsxp 10th november 2008
This font is extra awesome.
Comment by tsxp 10th november 2008
Thankyous. :) I'm still working on it, but it goes pretty slowly because I can only save once every day.
Comment by Zefyrinus 11th november 2008
Ever thought of making the diaeresis vampire fangs?
Comment by NoahL 28th february 2009
Hmm, no. I already have them as puncture wounds.
Comment by Zefyrinus 7th march 2009
Amazing level of detail...I am just WOW :)
Comment by Stelios Constantinides (sconstantinides) 15th march 2009
Thanks! :D
Comment by Zefyrinus 16th march 2009
this font really is quite something else. you have visualized certain vampiric and other horror-genre elements quite nicely into this set. although lc is quite serviceable, it is the uc and the extended characters that are the stars here. i do wonder if there is anything that you can do to jazz up the lc case some more, only because everything else is so outstanding? a truly incredible work.
Comment by funk_king 4th march 2010
Thanks! :D Do you mean the basic latin? I don't know, I'm afraid it might get a little over-done if I add more details.
Comment by Zefyrinus 6th april 2010
What an incredible bit of design - tho, the lower case is not as strong as the UC. Still, 10/10
Comment by p2pnut 6th april 2010
Thanks! Yeah, the lower case really can't have as much decoration as the upper case.
Comment by Zefyrinus 27th september 2010
Sorry, but the anks were just too much Egypt, so I changed them into those grim reaper thingies, whatever they're called.
Comment by Zefyrinus 27th september 2010

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