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This font is based on the HD44780U Character LCD-display, and it's a clone of the 5x8 LCD HD44780U A02 font, wich again is a clone of my LCD Dot Matrix font.
I've added some more characters to the font, some cloned from the Lucid font, while others where taken from the datasheet for the Hitachi HD44780U (LCD-II).
I've made a new font wich contains many symbols to be used together with this font. It'll be released later.
The font contains some alternative glyphs for the "A", "S", "3", "4", "5", "7" and "9" characters in the Devanagari character space.
The upper- and lowercase letters "Ø", and "ø", has been cloned from the Lucid font. (The original "Ø", and "ø" could be found in the Devanagari character space).


This is a work in progress.
A specimen:
Comment by Håvar Henriksen (farside) 22nd April 2011
I'm about to move the symbols of this font into another font.
Comment by Håvar Henriksen (farside) 22nd April 2011
Some real world examples of the HD44780 LCD.
Comment by Håvar Henriksen (farside) 22nd April 2011
i searched for the font that has real 5x7 dimensions, west-european and cyrillic codepages. This font has unfortunately diacrytic signs that are 8x5 and thus will be cut when shown on LCD/LED indicator. Is it possible to correct it? at least chars ÖÄÜ etc.
Comment by Vasilich 27th June 2012
@Vasilich ok. So you can't use a Hitachi HD44780 LCD controller then? I'll look into making a 5x7 font...
Comment by Håvar Henriksen (farside) 27th June 2012
Hi. Is it possible to convert any font here, with FontStructor, to achieve the 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00 format? I'm trying to find a nice font for a javascript led display and then convert it to hexadecimal. Thanks
Comment by jarbax 9th January 2013

Is it possible that you could make a version for the A00 code page instead ?

Comment by gedaso 10th September 2016

Hello, awesome font, great for use in a cad program.

I am inserting the degree symbol  °  chr b0 (176) it displays with 10 dots 0 shape, on my real LCD it is 8 dots & square shape.  I think I have HD44780 type (generic LCD).

Last character on the 4th line


Comment by tonig Tue, 2nd February

Above is your font used in Rhino3D, It truly is awesome.

Also in CorelDraw I can apply an outline to the font & it thickens the dots if needed.

Comment by tonig Tue, 2nd February

@toniq thanks for the heads up. I've updated the degree symbol, and made the old degree symbol to a super script zero, which is what it should be. I've also added the rest of the super script and sub script numbers. Thanks for the awesome examples!

Comment by Håvar Henriksen (farside) Tue, 2nd February

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