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Tried the uppercase but just couldn't make it work. I think lowercase glyphs have more character (pun intended) anyhow :P


Exquisite dot font, I love the way you treated in a far more elegant way basic shapes inspired in my opinion by old technical fonts of the sixties. Excellent !
I looked at your impressive catalogue of fonts, I think you have made some of the most impressive fonts here, with a special mention for "Goodmorning Tokyo" which is for me your absolute masterpiece, such an incredible thing is simply inhuman.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 31st may 2010
A beautifully sinuous design - I love the f.

The only glyph that I find (very slightly) inconsistant is the s with its sharp angles on the mid bar. Still well worth a 10/10
Comment by p2pnut 31st may 2010
Thanks guys...I've been gone for awhile but it's blown my mind away to see what I've been missing.

Yeah, the s has been giving me some trouble. I tried reworking it more like the z but now it's starting to grow on me.
Comment by Stelios Constantinides (sconstantinides) 31st may 2010
It looks great. I love it. Yes, it needs some fine tuning here and there. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 31st may 2010
Thanks Frodo7. Which chars are you not into?
Comment by Stelios Constantinides (sconstantinides) 8th june 2010

Thirteen years later ...

Comment by AFontAbove 12th march 2023

@AFontAbove: Hey dude, I dont feel like being the one to police your comment behaviours, but please, if it has no real value to the font like your last message above here, please just not, you just hijack the live feed of the website this way.. which is basically allowing actual published new fonts fewer time to get noticed, as they roll into the next Live feed page faster.

The thing with this next Live feed pages is that they no longer show the the image preview FontStruct had generated for new entries, like it did on the first page..

Essentially stealing away from that already small window of opportunity people have to get people to see they published new work, you actually really feel okay with this? ?

Comment by Sed4tives 12th march 2023

Also sorry for me about doing exactly the same thing that I'm about to ask you next, which is: Please try to include everything you would love to say/ask into one single message, unless of course you really forgot something important. This isn't a policy rule or anything, but most certainly a welcome behavioural trade in such a situation as is presented in the FontStruct's Live feed page.  And a commonly unspoken mutual shared respect and kindness amongst FontStruct-members alike. And I think I speak on behalf of most, if not all members when I'm asking you this.


Comment by Sed4tives 12th march 2023

Oh... but now I feel bad ‹;(

The point was that, OP asked a question, didn't get answered for thirteen years, it just felt wrong.

Comment by AFontAbove 12th march 2023

And by OP, I mean @sconstantinides over here.

Comment by AFontAbove 12th march 2023

But seriously, @Frodo7, answer his question: which characters are you not into?

Comment by AFontAbove 12th march 2023

(And yes, I did forget this one / sorry for quad post)

Though I wonder if there's a place where it is safe to do this?

Comment by AFontAbove 12th march 2023

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