Renovare S1

by geneus1

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Renovare. from the Latin word meaning "to renew" or "to restore." Representing FontStruct's renewal with its new feature upgrades. This serif font was created solely for the purpose of exercising the new brick stacking and composite brick building features. WIP. Just letterforms for now. Looks simple, but internally gets complex with a quickness.


Comment by geneus1 6th may 2010
Apparently, there are still some impossible curves with FS 2.0, despite your great efforts. But this is very close to professional non fontstruct works, even if something is still missing. But the design lacks of some fantasy, though...
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 6th may 2010
Some pretty nifty brick work geneus1. I liiike it.
Comment by aphoria 6th may 2010
Top stuff, and nice font.
I'm just getting to grips with the composite stuff. It's a bit of a headache to work out ALL the possibilities, but it's exciting as its a whole new world waiting to be discovered.
Comment by djnippa 6th may 2010
WOW! The dance has begun. boys, and the music sounds great! A huge and beautiful work and excellent font as a result, Mr. Aphoria!
Comment by elmoyenique 6th may 2010
Wow! There is some serious fontstruction going on here. I don't even understand how you did it. Composite bricks? The x-ray image you've provided only tells me it's something unusual. The M,N,V,W, that used to be a headache, look quite convincing and simple enough to lure me for a test ride. However, there are some glyphs with rough edges, you are certainly aware of them. It means only one thing: even the new features are not panacea for all technical problems we had before. Problem solving, experimenting, trial and error method, patience, and stamina continues to be essential virtues for those who pursue success in the FS Universe. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 6th may 2010
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Renovare S1” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by afrojet 7th may 2010
Wow! You turn your back for a minute and, suddenly, great things are tumbling out of the woodwork.

It may only be an exercise to you Gene, but it looks so good and will spur us all on :)
Comment by p2pnut 7th may 2010
Thanks all for the recognition.

@neurone error. Yes, a part of me thinks there will always be some impossible curves but seeking the impossible is usually a good starting point for me. This design was purposely fontstructed to explore creative usage of brick stacking and compositing, and the identification of limitations naturally is a part of that. Specifically, the size of the serifs dictated the shapes of the rest of the letterforms. Much of the structures are workarounds that will be resolved with the addition of the magical "blank" brick which will enable further compositing functionality. The thinness of the serifs forced me to manipulate certain bricks to simulate natural curves. This can be seen when zooming in to view the internal curves on rounded characters. Can I modify this design to look better by efficiently using the new features? Sure. Hold on for S2.

@ aphoria. Thanks!

@djnippa. It's best not to try to work out all of the overwhelming possibilities. If you stick with a specific design in mind, then you can create the possibilities out of necessity. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Renovare S1 is just an example of working with smaller scale fontstructions to maximize the curvy bricks. Lots more can be done in larger scales. FYI, While starting out with compositing, I'd recommend not changing the filter settings unless you know what you're getting into. It can quickly get ridiculous if things aren't planned out in advanced.

@elmoyenique. Hi, elmoyenique. It's me. Mr. Geneus1. ;-)

@Frodo7. The complexity of creating this font is multiplied due to working with double filters. But the 2:2 workspace is the only one that will enable the necessary angles to complete all of the characters - until the blank brick is released. In the standard 1:1 setting, the steeper curves on the A and V can't be created through compositing without the blank brick. But be warned, when compositing with upscaled bricks, it's almost like compositing blind, and it is easy to be confused when you don't get what you planned to composite. Usually I try to build with minimal brick wastage, but I liked the way the font looked in outline mode so I left all the experimental bricks in the sample. "Problem solving, experimenting, trial and error method, patience, and stamina" -Bullseye, Frodo!

@afrojet. Thanks Jet!

@p2pnut. Thanks for the encouragement. This exercise really was like a workout. No pain, no gain. Have your preferred pain relief product handy just in case. ;-)

@meek: Certain composite bricks have turned into blank spaces, even in the brick bin! I didn't really change anything since downloading, and the exported TTF looks fine, so I don't know what happened...
Comment by geneus1 8th may 2010
Astounding achievement, Gene. Even with your handy X-ray vision sample, I am left scratching my head: How did he do it? What is going on in here?
Comment by thalamic 9th may 2010

Some of the bricks just broke in your font...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 9th march 2018

Your font looks kinda broken now; how are you going to fix it?!

Comment by James Holmes (HolmesTheGreat2003) Wed, 22nd november

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