by intaglio

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Info: Created on 20th April 2010 . Last edited on 23rd April 2010.
License Creative Commons
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    Comment by intaglio 21st April 2010
    really really nice font! I hope we can see uppercase. The k seems to be a little bit different lokking at the other letter.

    Comment by zen_killa 21st April 2010
    Thanks, zen_killa. I'll do a more conventional k and park the other one on the naughty step -- if I can get myself past the problems with the old-style figs. As you can see, I'm getting myself in trouble with them. Time to do something else.
    Comment by intaglio 21st April 2010
    Oooohhhh...keep going!

    I think the k is fine, but i'm not sure about that 4.
    Comment by aphoria 21st April 2010
    Ooooooh, he says in a gasp.
    Very very nice. Now comes the tricky bit..... the upper case.
    Comment by djnippa 21st April 2010
    This has all the earmarks of being a great font. Come on with the upper case, please. You gonna get it once again!
    Comment by elmoyenique 21st April 2010
    Dulcet... now there's an irony. More like a megaphone.
    Comment by intaglio 22nd April 2010
    Use that megaphone tag ... whisper it out loud! It's a great font, well supported by the UC.
    Comment by p2pnut 22nd April 2010
    incredible. completely modern with a classic sensibility. i think this is one of your best.
    Comment by funk_king 22nd April 2010
    Love this extraordinary Z. The problem is that the other glyphs are not looking enough naughty around him. Naughty naughty Z !!!
    Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 22nd April 2010
    He can be the black sheep. And the crazy numerals.
    Comment by intaglio 22nd April 2010
    i really like this font !!!
    Comment by zen_killa 3rd May 2010
    A new gem from your treasure chest. Nobody can craft letters the way you do. 10/10
    Comment by Frodo7 6th May 2010
    You're no slouch yourself. Very much the Mutual Admiration Society.
    Comment by intaglio 7th May 2010
    A solid and stylish, highly under-appreciated hidden gem I say!
    Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 10th September 2010
    Thanks, will.i.ૐ. I've not been on the site much recently which is why it took me a while to see your comment. I've had several goes at coming up with new faces but I've long since been going over old ground. They all end up looking like some guy called intaglio has been at work. Pity I can't climb out of my own box. I'm bored with it.
    Comment by intaglio 17th September 2010
    Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Dulcet” is now a Top Pick.
    Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 17th September 2010
    Well-deserved top pick. I hear you about feeling painted into a creative corner... still, I wonder what you might accomplish with the slew of new bricks on hand. No doubt something quirky, cool, and sophisticated in the way potential ‘flaws’ are boldly embraced and leveraged as strengths to reveal that unmistakably handcrafted touch you always bring, even to your most geometric designs. Hmm....
    Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 20th September 2010


    Comment by Riyam smile Mon, 11th December