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You can thank Funk King for evoking this out of me.

Included in the sample image is a silhouette of a move called the Backhand 1990, invented by yours truly as one of the founding members of Rock Force Crew in the SF Bay Area. Bust It!

Larger sample available here.


Comment by geneus1 12th march 2010
Wow. You work fast!

Not only does this seem appropriate for the sport(!) of break dancing, it evokes your love of graffiti as well.

With a move like that, your wrist must have taken a lot of stress. I hope you are left-handed.
Comment by thalamic 12th march 2010
I just looked up and saw what thal meant ... 2 hours for such a relatively complex font!

Comment by p2pnut 12th march 2010
Whoa! This is great.
Comment by aphoria 12th march 2010
well mos def, you brung it :) glad it was me who was the one who evoked this from you. although i really had no intention of starting a throw down, i guess that's usually how they start, right. someone like thalamic does a fs GO TEAM!, that causes someone like me to do Break, which fires you up to do Throw Down. although each of us has worked separately, this is still some amazing collaboration. and Throw Down is one of your best. who knew hip-hop who infiltrate Fontstruct?
Comment by funk_king 12th march 2010
that last sentence should be, who knew hip-hop would infiltrate Fontstruct?
Comment by funk_king 12th march 2010
Thanks for all the positive feedback guys.

@thalamic. Back in the day, I modified a wrist guard to perform the move. Nowadays, these kids will do the move with no padding whatsoever. They're crazy like that. It's truly awesome.

@p2pnut. This font, like the others that I've released thus far for the competition, have all been developed previously. I've only had to clean most of them up and discard questionable glyphs. The upcoming final entry I will be releasing for the competition will be the only one that I've created this year.

@FK. Haha! You said it bro! That unintentional flow of creativity unexpectedly yields the most curious results. Thanks for the inspiration, and to thalamic for inspiring you.
Comment by geneus1 12th march 2010
I have to say that this makes me want to get all my fat caps and start to get in trouble with the authorities once again, but no: I have to behave.
I have to.
Comment by cayo 15th march 2010
This is for SURE ingenious.
Comment by kix 15th march 2010
@cayo. There's always more creative ways to start trouble. Do I feel a FontStruct graffiti battle coming on???

@kix: Tag, you're it.

Comment by geneus1 16th march 2010
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “ThrowDown” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by afrojet 25th march 2010

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