FS Sevegment

by moontr3

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The designer of this FontStruction has chosen not to make it available for download from this website by choosing an “All Rights Reserved" license.

Please respect their decision and desist from requesting license changes in the comments.

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i legit did this in an hour ( filler upload )

update: added all english (uppercase and lowercase) letters

normal letters: ACEFGHIJLOPSUZabcdefghijlnopqrstuyz

compromised letters: KMVWXkmvwx

uppercase letters that look like lowercase: BDNQRTY


Learn to do your fonts like the top isn't half way visible! 

Comment by E2023 Wed, 29th november

@E2023, what do you mean? the font shows up just fine on my PC...

Maybe it's something with fontstruct again.

Comment by moontr3 Fri, 1st december

The top of the font doesn't show properly! It's almost hidden "inside" the paper!

Comment by E2023 Wed, 6th december

It's half way visible!

Comment by E2023 Wed, 6th december

@E2023 can you please provide a sample of how the font looks on your end?

the attached image is how I see the font and how it is supposed to look.

Comment by moontr3 Wed, 6th december

It's too big! 

Comment by E2023 Fri, 8th december

Unlike in that photo, the top of the font is almost not visible!

Comment by E2023 Fri, 8th december

You have skills, but get the font a little of more down!

Comment by E2023 Sat, 9th december

@E2023 maybe it's a problem with your OS or the browser, but I certanly didn't make it in the air or anything.

You are free to copy the font and see how it was done, and maybe figure out why is it like that on your end.

And are you using the browser to view the font or do you download it?

Comment by moontr3 Sat, 9th december

The downloaded font gets cut off at the top due to the line height not being set properly. In the FontStructor, click Expert Mode, then go to Menu > View > Line Height, and raise the blue line.

Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) Sat, 9th december

@Yautja oh I see, thank you so much! 

Comment by moontr3 Sat, 9th december

it's actually a little bit strange to me because when I downloaded it as a TTF earlier today it looked completely fine.

Comment by moontr3 Sat, 9th december

for font "Digital" here are my improvments: no k m v w and x comprises, small-cap letters, no lowercase letters: bdnqrty i've gotta complete basic latin, diagnal and vertical segments, minecraftia letters like @#%&_231.  

Thank You!

Comment by kaydenkaleb Wed, 27th december

so here are my imrovmnts: characters from Wikipedia's Seven Segment Characters Rp. All Latin Letters 1 arabic letter (Arabic Letter Alef) Greek & Cothic, Cyrillic Letters, All Punctation, Common Latin, All Marks

Comment by kaydenkaleb Thu, 28th december

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