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    Created on 18th August 2009. Last edited on 20th December 2010.
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Comment by jmarquez 19th august 2009
Could anyone else confirm that zooming in the downloaded version, the font shows some problems, especially with the oblique strokes?
I used filters to make the font bigger, I think its because of that...
Comment by jmarquez 19th august 2009
Yes there's a problem with the download. Only visible in extreme close up.
Comment by djnippa 19th august 2009
Number 4 looks a little odd, looks like it's snapped off. Have you tried any alternatives for it?
Comment by djnippa 19th august 2009
Don't know why it showed the jpg again?
Comment by djnippa 19th august 2009
yes that's the problem I get too!!!
I'll see if I can do an alternate "4" soon, meanwhile I might have to redo the font without filters... :(
Comment by jmarquez 19th august 2009
You finished it! That's wonderful. Some of the glyphs are amazing, like the g, i, x, z and 8. 4 needs a splint though. ;-)

The effect is that of crazy railroad ties, laid out to form letters. I love it.
Comment by thalamic 19th august 2009
THX Thalamic, only you to cheer me up after the "filter flop".
And yes the "4" had an "accident" and is in need of some healing on that arm... :)
Comment by jmarquez 20th august 2009
But of course, jm. So filter's is the trick. aha! Did this happen with Eyelash as well?
Comment by thalamic 20th august 2009
No I didnt use filters on Eyelash, I checked to see if it had the problem and its clean.

Here's the thing, the filters where just to make it bigger, I can do this font without filters, the only problem will be with kerning it.
(and the trouble of actually having to do it all over
Comment by jmarquez 20th august 2009
without filters
Comment by jmarquez 20th august 2009
I'm not sure I understand. Apart from a jagged edge, the shapes look identical. I am not sure what is the benefit of using the filter. Nice trick with the curved angle shape. And the exploded shape looks awesome. :)
Comment by thalamic 20th august 2009 I said the filters are just to make the font bigger (double the size), makes it easier to kern gliths like the "a","n" an so on.
Comment by jmarquez 20th august 2009
SharkTeeth problems seems resolved, but the curve shapes are still incorrect, only the yellow hilighted brick forms a perfect curve, all others are imperfect.
Comment by jmarquez 20th december 2010
I've checked other fonts with filter's 2x2, they all seem ok, this is the only one that has this strange curves, FS staff is this some kinda FontMortar Dud???
Comment by jmarquez 20th december 2010
@jmarquez. I've made an adjustment in the database that should improve the quality of the curves in the download. Take a look.

I've done quite a lot of work to improve the quality of curves and circles in FontStruct, and will continue to do so, but there are some technical limitations imposed by the TrueType format.

For the technically minded: The smaller the curved element is in relation to the letter as a whole, the more likely you are to see the imperfections. The problem is that all the points in a TrueType glyph have whole number coordinates and sit on a grid that has a finite size. To get a nice looking circle you might want a point to sit at an (x,y) coordinate of (1.3453, 23.2354) but the closest you can get is (1,23) - the numbers have to be rounded. It is these rounding errors or inaccuracies that cause the problems.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 21st december 2010
Here's a screenshot from FontForge. I think the curves look better now.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 21st december 2010
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Garfield” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 21st december 2010
Looks perfect now!
Thank you soo much for the fix and the TopPick, Meek! You just made my day :)
Comment by jmarquez 21st december 2010
Cool font.

Thanks for the technical info's always cool to learn more about the inner workings.
Comment by aphoria 21st december 2010

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