Mjölnir Flying_FS

by SymbioticDesign

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Mjölnir Flying novelty slab serif display font Copyright 2020 Doug Peters of Symbiotic Design, all rights reserved worldwide, including artistic and creative rights. Version 1.005

Mjölnir is the name of Thor's hammer (God of War), hence, I tried to make the letters resemble some sort of new fangled hammer.


Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You risk losing your commenting priveleges if you do so. Read more.

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I fattened the lower serifs of the capitals, and made a couple of adjustments to the z.  I switched the X and Y capitals and lowercase, I will do that to the other one, as well.  I still like the other one, it has a dangerous sharp lower serif you can cut yourself on, but this one is even more solid because of the bigger, more substantial bottom serif.

Comment by SymbioticDesign 6th March 2020

Wow! Excellent work! The lowercase m and n are my faves…

Also, There seems to be an extra (1/4 corner) square brick to the right and maybe below the baseline on the V…

Comment by BWM 6th March 2020

Thanks, @BWM, this one has gone through quite a metamorphosis. Thanks for spotting that quarter brick, too.  Always something.  Still stuff to do, but I like this one so much I am going to finish it and then clone it again for the next idea.

Comment by SymbioticDesign 6th March 2020

I noticed that a brick might have been corrupted or brickswapped…

Comment by BWM 12th March 2020

Again?  Geez.  I have been downloading each version.  Oh, I see what you mean.  Alright.  I'll have to figure that out soon, I will be packing this one up with the others and creating a font family I hope to sell. 

Comment by SymbioticDesign 12th March 2020

This one is missing a character the other two Mjölnir family fonts have.  Right now, I can't figure out which it is.  

Comment by SymbioticDesign 22nd March 2020

Also, the bricks on the # symbol seem to be wrong…

Comment by BWM 26th March 2020

Thanks, @BWM. That brick replacement bug keeps aggravating me.  

Comment by SymbioticDesign 28th March 2020

Have you checked the brick(s) on the Ø yet?

Always one brick after another, isn't it?

Comment by BWM 28th March 2020

(Also ð)

Comment by BWM 28th March 2020

You know, @BWM, I could swear I fixed the # and yet I see there are two odd bricks back in there.  It's like it's getting worse.  I'm starting to wonder if I can ever finish these fonts.

Comment by SymbioticDesign 30th March 2020

Had to fix a lot of the serifs and stylistic touches, made them blockier (as opposed to none or pointed). Plus, I'm going through the list of stuff from the Mjölnir (Regular) font fixes I just made. Contemplating changing the C finial/terminators from a quarter circle to a full brick. Added IJ/ij ligatures, SM & TEL in Letterlike symbols. Lost the list of stuff I did in comments. Raised the bowl/aperture/counter of some I missed in the extended Latin. Fixed the S & s and the iterations.

Comment by SymbioticDesign 7th April 2020

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You risk losing your commenting priveleges if you do so. Read more.

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