G1 Radia

by geneus1

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G1 Radia. A scaled down version of an originally larger fontstruction. Lots of details with smooth micro bullnose serifs, high contrast stroke lines, and decorative ball terminals.

Info: Created on 1st December 2017 . Last edited on Mon, 7th May.
License Creative Commons
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Comment by geneus1 2nd December 2017
Comment by geneus1 2nd December 2017

Show off! But seriously, very sexy and all that. 

Comment by funk_king 3rd December 2017

Any plans on alternate V and W?

Comment by anonymous 4th December 2017

I agree with funk_king, this is extremely pleasant to look at and would remain beautiful even if used to write gobbbledygook.

Comment by nightpegasus 4th December 2017

Great three entries, I like especially this one, dear master.

Comment by elmoyenique 10th December 2017
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “G1 Radia” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 12th December 2017

wish u can make these also

á í ú é ó ü ñ

for spanish user

there a huge amount of spanish users

Comment by JingYo 12th December 2017

Bravo, what a wonderful and excellent mix of curves and diagonals. Only the 7 is a little out of balance. ; )

Comment by beate 13th December 2017

I love this...beautiful work.  :)

Comment by aphoria 14th December 2017

in the world of fontstruct there's:

the awesome font makers who don't share their secrets

the good, but unnoticed font makers (like me)

the ok overnoticed font makers

and then there's just pixel art

Comment by KyooshiFonts Mon, 7th May

Although I'm generally in a greatful mindset a majority of the time, I feel like such a jerk when I don't say thanks for all these kinds words. So thank you all for the recognition. 

@anonymous: Simple flips added for the cap and lc V & W. 

@JingYo: Sorry, not just yet...

@beate: I've added some experimental 7's just for you. Not my normal designs, but I think they're functionally amusing nonetheless. 

@KyooshiFonts:  Interesting perpective. Which one am I? 

Comment by geneus1 Wed, 9th May

I like the alt 7 with the solid leg.

And you're clearly in "the awesome font makers" group (although you've shared secrets).  :)

Comment by aphoria Wed, 9th May

@aphoria Yes, he is.

Comment by KyooshiFonts Fri, 11th May


Comment by parandeep Wed, 16th May

Nice fonts. If I could clone it then I would like to add few vovels necessary for Hungarian text.  The following characters would make the set usable for Hungarian:   áÁéÉíÍóÓöÖőŐúÚüÜűŰ

Comment by laszlo.horvath Tue, 12th June

Excptional font, classic looks.

@laszlo.horvath: Thanks for that tip! 

For others: If you already have More Latin filled out, then őŐűŰ are all that is needed to add Hungarian support to something.

Comment by zephram Tue, 12th June

Such a clean and classy header font. I tend to do personal mockups for my own use and Radia also looks sharp against this wordpress theme.

Comment by Maeric Fri, 26th October

Gorgeous font.

Comment by letstrythis Sun, 4th November

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