font troll

by funk_king

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a type of being that frequents the fontstruct website and takes great personal satisfaction in the down-voting of fonts that have been created on fontstruct and in particular those that have received the pink dot. generally lacking in creatively and usually mentally, emotionally and physically unattractive; these "individuals" give themselves a boost of self-esteem by trying to denigrate the accomplishments of others. they have no real power in their feeble lives, but they usually get an immediate "rush" or "high" seeing the rating of a font lowered due to their actions, but ultimately become even more depressed and self-hating upon the realization that they can never achieve what others appear to do quite easily. they have fontstruct envy. they also know subconsciously that they don't have any talent, but instead of using their energy in a positive manner to develop their creative skills, they wallow in the mud and filth of their secret jealously. to use a twist on an old saying - those who can fontstruct and those who can't. period.


Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You will lose future commenting priveleges, and risk having your FontStruct account deleted, if you do so. Read more.

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a - wild hair: rises when a pink dot appears next to a fontstruction name
b - hair on end: occurs when a new fontstruction is observed and after successfully down-voting it
c - beady eyes: sign of a "shifty" person who many font trolls are; this is also the general area of their pea brain
d - big ears: (empty space between them) general troll characteristic
e - expression-less face: indicates their lack of emotion and reason and general inhumanity
f - pencil neck: general troll characteristic; some also have no neck from "hunching" while angrily assessing new fontstructions and down-voting them & shoulder area: usually contains some type of chip
g - pencil arms: from lack of exercise - down-voting doesn't count as an exercise although that's the only "physical" thing some do on a regular basis - yes, including that too
h - the belly: usually bloated and distended and full of the bile from their frustrated little (and uncreative and unrewarding) lives
i - the claw: their finely tuned "instrument" for navigating to their desired victim and inflicting their "judgment"; notice the permanent "f-u" gesture indicative of their general attitude toward successful fontstructors
j - big flat (smelly) feet: general troll characteristic; primarily used during temper tantrums when acting out why they can't create fontstructions like others do
k - pencil legs: stumpy from the numerous temper tantrums raged over new fontstructions that receive pink dots
:) - of course this is all in good fun...unless it applies to YOU! :) and after all is said and done, in spite of whatever negative energy (real or perceived) that may be directed my way, i receive my greatest joy from those who download and use my fontstructions as opposed to those who just (low) rate them. peace :)
Comment by funk_king 12th december 2008
i love u for this.
and that description text is sooo wise. very true.
Comment by kix 15th december 2008
HAHAHA! Thats just absolutely priceless. Only you could help us love the haters. ;-)
Comment by geneus1 15th december 2008
Ha ha! Thanks for this (perfect) portrait, and for making fun of this issue, :)
Comment by Em42 16th december 2008
Thanks. Now I don't feel so alone. :)
Comment by aphoria 17th december 2008
Too funny! :D
And unfortunately so true... :(
Comment by Roger S. Nelsson 6th february 2009
LOL, I love this :)
Comment by krwebb 17th february 2009
Opens my heart. :)
Comment by prototype 24th june 2009
LOL! :-)

I understand now why you guys think that the voting system is not working. I'll think about ways to correct this distortion.
Comment by gferreira_admin 24th june 2009

That , your, voting-system, in my opinion,

is one of the MOST DEGRADING and INHUMAN instruments of human torture, i have seen in my life, so far.

I'm REALLY disgusted.

Comment by prototype 24th june 2009

No,No, Gustavo.

"I'll think about ways to correct this distortion."



of your SADO-MASO-system,


Comment by prototype 24th june 2009
Sorry, funk_king.
Not the right place to fight THIS war, i think.

But your "font troll" to me , is that beauti-funny-enjoyful ...
Comment by prototype 24th june 2009
@prototype: While I can understand that you don't like the voting system, I have to say that the tone of your message makes me sad. There's no need to be so offensive.
Comment by gferreira_admin 25th june 2009
@pt. What's your problem, man?
But i agree, as an artist, i do not want to be rated AT ALL.
I'm happy, if people like my creations, and use them. That's all i want, man.
Comment by missing_link 25th june 2009
@ pt - i understand your feeling. i think you conveyed in a few powerful lines the feelings of many regarding the voting system. it is an outrage that someone can basically stomp on our work and all we can do is watch :( hopefully fs can come up with a good solution, if indeed there is any real solution other than getting rid of the voting. for new members it is very frustrating and i would imagine it has discouraged many from continuing here which is sad. this is supposed to be a community to support and encourage not downvote and discourage. if voting is kept, perhaps a weighted voting system where member who have been around longer or who have more fonts would count more than those who either don't have any fonts and/or just join to dl.

@ gf - thanks for reading and listening to the community. good luck.
Comment by funk_king 25th june 2009
Because i made too many hurting and unqualified comments, i am going to delete my "prototype"-account.
(I use THIS temporarily one, because i locked myself out of "p", instead of deleting it, and can't use "p", to say "Good Bye".)
"p" has to learn some things, in terms of "social qualities", necessary for a community.
I might be back in the future.
But I do NOT want my fonts to be "voted" in ANY future, nor do i want to - vote for, or against - any other artists work. (ever again in my entire life)
ART should be "supreme" to voting-systems and high-performance-sport(s).
I felt like in an "arena", or "car-race". (sometimes)
THX to all.
Special THX to funk_king, for supporting me.
Comment by timmy.tiger 26th june 2009
np proto er timmy? i understand when it comes to protecting ones art. any have probably just as passionate at time about mine. but i think we've made a good case :) best wishes and hope you continue here. it's always good to see new innovative talent here.
Comment by funk_king 28th june 2009
I just found this fontstruction (& and conversation thread) by clicking at shasta's link, so i retype my suggestion here to:
we could maybe kill the hated font troll if Mr. Meek could implement a like system in wich you also get one vote per user, but with no value either than the vote itself.
eg. this FS has 43 likes.
therefore one can't downgrade the vote of others.
just my humble request to better this great community of font lovers.
Comment by cayo 25th july 2009
I'm new here, and I know this is an old conversation, but I think the number of downloads tells more about a font than the rating. Thanks to all the font artists who have generously shared their work on this amazing site!
Comment by whilom 4th january 2011
WWT? sorry, anyways. i was just editing a previous comment. i don't think that usually happens, so probably just a bug :)
Comment by funk_king 29th january 2011
I've decided to do some trolling here. I've given it an open italic tag! Close this one, baby! Now any comments after this one will be in italic!
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 17th february 2011
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 17th february 2011
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 6th march 2011
I've ended it.
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 6th march 2011
Never mind. How about this?
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 6th march 2011
i love the trolls. i'm sorry for what they represent. if a person cannot say anything nice and helpful to another artist then they have no business being in a social place.
all art is valuable. how can anybody downgrade things that others have taken the time to create? there is no make art or make font button on this planet. this whole ratings thing confuses me. i can see giving praise and help but not bashing another's work. if one does not like something then don't d/l it and keep your opinions to yourself.
if i make stuff here it will be freely given from love, not put to be picked on by cretins like those fk must have unfortunately been a target of. it's hard enough just figuring out how to get letters to be the same size even, let alone make them unique. ok, /rant.

i love the trolls and i gave them a 10.
Comment by ladyfur 10th march 2011

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Comment by Jckjckjack 14th september 2018

I agree with Funk King's argument about low-life trolls that have nothing to but to be jealous about people who actually TRY to make a decent font! Look, even i was jealous at some point becuase people didn't see my fonts, but i learned to deal with it and improve my font making skills before just taking out my anger on some poor artist who ACTUALLY HAS CREATIVITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORAL OF THE STORY: get better noob, don't rage and troll people who are actually good at fontstruct.

Comment by Better Handwriting 6th january 2023

sorry if my comment came off as harsh, my apoligies.

I just got a little angry over the topic.

Comment by Better Handwriting 6th january 2023

sorry if my comment came off as harsh, my apoligies.

I just got a little angry over the topic.

Comment by Better Handwriting 6th january 2023


Comment by Better Handwriting 6th january 2023

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You will lose future commenting priveleges, and risk having your FontStruct account deleted, if you do so. Read more.

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