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I need some masochistic fun. I know. An inline.
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    Created on 2nd December 2008. Last edited on 22nd June 2009.
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...and it seems I haven't had quite enough punishment because now I've got the cheek to think I can crank a lower case out too. Tighten up those corners, boy and crank away.
Comment by intaglio 3rd december 2008
ah, but what pleasure you give us in your pain :)
Comment by funk_king 4th december 2008
Having done a lower case I now see that the caps look too condensed. Some of the glyphs will be tricky. M and W don't have equal voids so perhaps I can fix that in the widening.
Comment by intaglio 5th december 2008
This is premium quality good.
Comment by thalamic 5th december 2008
Thanks, thal. Isn't it a pity one of my more credible fonts is also nearly useless! I suppose I should strike off a filled-in version to see if it looks okay.I suspect most of the charm of it is in the even, homogenous stroke weights.
Comment by intaglio 5th december 2008
you always had some kind of charming way to kind of "underworthing" your work, but this little sinner is your masterpiece!

you're like some brilliant expermenting prog-musician on it's way to reform music AS WE KNOW it, without realizing he's created the perfect popsong.

huge probs on this one!!!!!
Comment by kix 5th december 2008
Thanks, kix. I agree it's my best work so far.

I love the way Fontstruct is so strict. (Whip me! Whip me!)There are some things you can't do -- and some things you can -- in order to end up with a good looking font. Some of these glyphs are right on the edge of acceptability. That pleases and bothers me by turns. But I tentatively suggest there aren't any downright bad shapes (well, maybe the 4 is a dodgy idea) and that's the most pleasing thing of all.
Comment by intaglio 5th december 2008
I'm sure kix meant props instead of probs, intaglio.

This one's a beauty. It is also evident in your self-corrections how well your eye for detail has sharpened its focus over time.
Comment by geneus1 6th december 2008
Props or probs. Ha ha! Either way I take it as a compliment. If it was probs I choose to interpret it as an acknowledgement of the mindbending ordeal of all that brickstacking... rather than being a mundane old typo. Shameless slut that I am.

Don't mind me, I'm in a puckish mood. Happy I done good at last!
Comment by intaglio 6th december 2008
oh man, this was for sure a compliment, haha...
Comment by kix 15th december 2008

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