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untuk tugas tipografi

Info: Created on 23rd March 2016 . Last edited on 1st May 2016.
License Creative Commons
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Cute bouncy fonts, do your best

Comment by Josev_Kuroneko 6th April 2016

is the "Q" unfinished yet?

Comment by secondxart 6th April 2016

agreed, it has this 'bouncy' feeling into it XD

though i hardly recognize the meatballs' special features at first, you can only recognize it after feeling the bounciness
keep up the good work~

Comment by RanaiD 6th April 2016

I like this. Looks like a hand-painted sign. 10/10, good job

Comment by Noah (winty5) 7th April 2016

I like thisss. Good work!! :D

Comment by bhetanychrystia 7th April 2016

Look like Ice Age's font but overall look great 

nothing diffrent between O and Q

Comment by marvelferdinand 7th April 2016

the "v" looks kinda wierd for me, but overall u did a good job

Comment by cyntia15029 8th April 2016

nice work.. kalo bisa.., "W".nya dikasih pemisah di bawahnya.. yg modelnya kek huruf "W" biasanya itu.. wkwk..

Comment by CynShin08 8th April 2016

the 'Q' is unfinished but overall it is a big - cute - font - haha :D

keep trying!

Comment by bel'f 8th April 2016

nice font! good job!

Comment by tifannysaverinap 8th April 2016

tebel ya fontnya shan kwkwkwk , apiik 

Comment by repratantra 9th April 2016

tebelnya super

huruf Q nya mirip sama huruf O

tapi apik seh :v

Comment by nova18 12th April 2016

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