by bellacornelia07

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this font is based on chicken noodle shape of Depot Keluarga (one of a noodle stall in Surabaya, Indonesia). It has a small curve on its point to describe the elastic characteristic of the noodle. The noodle of Depot Keluarga has a thin size, so that this font has thin enough size too. Your comments and suggestions are welcome :)



Comment by ornellaayu2306 30th march 2016

nice fontt!:D

Comment by stefanithejapuspita 30th march 2016

nice work.. btw.., kalo isa huruf 'p'-nya juga dikasih ekor.. biar totalitas.. :)

Comment by CynShin08 30th march 2016

Suka O nya :)

Comment by mariachristine 30th march 2016

Nice looks like javanese culutural font, like it!

Comment by natalia devara 30th march 2016

Apikk. Love the "o"

Comment by Celia Ivana (celiabenboy) 30th march 2016

the font design is really artistic and unique. every curve of the font is similar to traditional javanese words or aksara jawa. And it's a good font to since it easy to read :) 

Comment by kennylie17 30th march 2016

the font design is really artistic and unique. every curve of the font is similar to traditional javanese words or aksara jawa. And it's a good font to since it easy to read :) 

Comment by kennylie17 30th march 2016

i love this font (y)

Comment by feliciaamanda 1st april 2016

bagussssss fontnyaa

Comment by bellaviencencia 4th april 2016

Verry good bel, I like your font. So beautiful :D

Comment by yunitasalim 5th april 2016

thank you for all comments and suggestions! 

itu udah ada haruse cyn mek e error tadi makae ga kluar lengkungane @CynShin08 ._.

Comment by bellacornelia07 5th april 2016

here a sample of this font :)

Comment by bellacornelia07 5th april 2016

keren, enak dilihatnya. nice font!

Comment by tifannysaverinap 6th april 2016

nice work bell .udah konsisten tapi ekor a kecilnya sedikit beda sama yg lain mungkin bisa di samakan? :)

Comment by reyner_valiant 6th april 2016

well made fonts! very consistent!

Comment by jeremyadriansutanto 7th april 2016

Bagus bel! Udah konsisten. Good job!

Comment by verafaustina 7th april 2016

keren bell!!

Comment by iamgavriela 7th april 2016

Sukak Belll kayak mie

Comment by esther_15173 7th april 2016

nice font ! 

Comment by bellaviencencia 7th april 2016

fontnya unik !

Comment by Florencia Irena Yuwono (pororo1997) 7th april 2016

awww... i like the curve! so elegant

Comment by eunike_15009 7th april 2016

Super neat and consistent! Well done!

Comment by cherlita 7th april 2016

Bagus bel! Wes apik pol pokoknya XD konsisten, enak diliat dan cocok buat mie. Good job ^^ 

Comment by jessicaalicias 7th april 2016

your font just amazing! :3 love the sample

Comment by kristina82 7th april 2016

Hallo... keren fontnya keliatan ciri khasnya mienya.. good job

Comment by Bryan Tj 7th april 2016

sooo uniqueee bell.. keep going :)

Comment by Jojo_15020 7th april 2016

overallnya bagus! cuma uppercase D nya kurang keliatan kaya D?

Comment by regina15143 7th april 2016

Nice typeface! Unique and neat.

Comment by naomnaomi 7th april 2016

bagus, meliak liuk kayak mie

Comment by Ivana H W 7th april 2016

Bagus banget fontnya.... Lucu, terlihat lembut dan enak dibaca. Tp huruf D nya kurang menggambarkan D, hampir terlihat huruf O. GOOD JOB!!!!

Comment by FeliciaSujarwo 7th april 2016

cute >< nice font

Comment by Hestiatrina9 7th april 2016

like the curve! :D

Comment by nikitaolivia 7th april 2016

dinamis. keren!!

Comment by vaniaseputra 7th april 2016

nice font :)

Comment by marcia42415176 7th april 2016

Kerenn Bell! Cocok lah buatttttt penjual Mieee

udah konsist, terus karakter mie nya juga udah ada

good job !

Comment by pieterenaldi 7th april 2016

Bagus :D udah konsisten, dipertahanin buat huruf lainnya yaa

Comment by deandra15093 8th april 2016

apik bel :)

Comment by ameliajesica 8th april 2016

baguss bell!

Comment by liemjessica 8th april 2016

mantap pakbuk

Comment by repratantra 8th april 2016

konsisten n mencerminkan mie banget

konsep n keseluruhan bagus :)

Comment by Felicia Priscillya 10th april 2016

Great font great consistency! :)

Comment by Kevin Christopher (kevinchr_) 10th april 2016

nice font :)

Comment by Maria Fransiiska 10th april 2016

Simple and elegant, good job!

Comment by jordanlilin 10th april 2016

lucu loohh,, tp itu kerning huruf 'J'nya (bener nda?) kynya harus dibetulin lg.. hurufnya nyentuh sm huruf 'K' soalnya hahah XD

lebih bagus lagi kalo semisal huruf Lnya dibikin beda bentuk dari huruf Jnya hehheeh :3

gud jubb my child~!

Comment by celinejardinia_15182 10th april 2016

Bagus !!!

Comment by Andreasevanc 10th april 2016

nice font great concept and consistency! Good Job

Comment by vinsen15174 11th april 2016

nice font berasa banget mie nya!!!

Comment by stevenligo 11th april 2016

buagus pol bell hurufnya konsisten dan kerasa banget mi nya .. keren!! :D

Comment by Theresia Monica (ailatan) 12th april 2016

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