by wolfkrim

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Blackletter Font, I tried to mimic a European "Textur" of about 1470 A.D.


Love it. Beautiful. I will look eagerly forward to your caps!
Comment by theterrible 9th april 2008
Comment by hideyor 9th april 2008
I'm really digging this.
Comment by bent hamm 9th april 2008
Thank you all! I'm testing it right now.
@ theterrible: The caps are a challenge, maybe I'll do numbers first. I like your Struktur very much, you were my motivation to start.
Comment by wolfkrim 10th april 2008
This is really well done, and it captures the pen quite well!
Comment by CommandZed 10th april 2008
wow, that's one good looking fontstruction.
Comment by hellotheresa 11th april 2008
I love classical style !
Comment by momo-0 11th april 2008
I've added some ligatures and stuff. A lot of work still to be done ...
Comment by wolfkrim 11th april 2008
Thanks wolfkrim. Hey, I noticed that you changed the lowercase s--I sure hope you leave the old one in there as an alternate. That was my favorite glyph!
Comment by theterrible 11th april 2008
Thanks wolfkrim. Hey, I noticed that you changed the lowercase s--I sure hope you leave the old one in there as an alternate. That was my favorite glyph!
Comment by theterrible 11th april 2008
Numbers (and the original s for theterrible).
Comment by wolfkrim 14th april 2008
Comment by marcall 17th april 2008
Caps. Enjoy!
Comment by wolfkrim 17th april 2008
You've earned yourself a 10, my friend.
Comment by Stephen Coles (Stewf) 17th april 2008
Thanks. I finally discovered the "kerning trick".
Comment by wolfkrim 17th april 2008
chapeau! btw, take a break and use one or two nights for sleeping again! ;-)
ps: ever thought about choosing an avatar?
Comment by palm_iiic 18th april 2008
"Thou shalt keep creating awesome type!!!"
says the Type God lol
Comment by stevied25 23rd april 2008
Gr8 job...
Comment by saip106 27th april 2008
thats good !
Comment by danielsantiago 29th april 2008
wolfkrim, what is this "kerning trick" you are speaking of? As far as I can find FontStruct doesn't let you change the gap width between letters.
And this font is really great.
Comment by Lemming 9th may 2008
Yey! You've added some great caps now. It just keeps getting better!
Comment by spittingcat 9th may 2008
This is absolutely amazing. I can't beleive that it's created using this tool!
Comment by seeminglee 10th may 2008
Thank you all!
@ Lemming: There is no kerning, you're right. But if you move letters like capital f and j left of the vertical guideline, they fit in better, at least in the preview.
Comment by wolfkrim 13th may 2008
wow! excellent fontstruction!
Comment by aurrutia 13th may 2008
Very nice! I'm sure I'll put this one to good use, thanks.
Comment by Mew_Wins 17th may 2008
Very, very nice work.
Comment by chough 21st may 2008
Awesome font!
Comment by kc3 22nd may 2008
Excellent work Wolfkrim! Thanks for a beautiful font. 10!
Comment by ArthurMaria 23rd may 2008
I like that
Comment by ILL 31st may 2008
Incredible font...
Comment by Axel Leyer 7th august 2008
The details are just awesome, I love the system!
Comment by mimosin 10th august 2008
I prefer the bold blackletter script over the ornate thin lettering. Good job. I look forward to using it, thanks!
Comment by eonboy 18th september 2008
This is absolutely faboulous. Great job.
Comment by miko1aj 24th november 2008
very very nice work!!!!! I love gothic fonts! thanks
Comment by anonymous-0 26th may 2009
Brilliant work! How did you do this?
Comment by Logan Thomason (xenophilius) 12th september 2010
Comment by daramanis 19th april 2011
Great font!!!
Im use this font on the wall in 2010
Comment by Evgeny Koroletov (WHAT) 13th september 2012

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