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073115. There's a documentary called "A Lego Brickumentary" opening today. And like most complex Lego creations, this was harder than it looks. Still fun though.
Info: Created on 9th September 2014 . Last edited on 31st July 2015.
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Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.

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Comment by geneus1 31st July 2015
Brilliant brick work. I wonder, what is the reason we are fascinated by simple building blocks so much? Lego, Minecraft, and, well, Fontstruct. The list is far from complete. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 1st August 2015
Brilliantly executed - and so much fun :)
Comment by p2pnut 2nd August 2015
Thanks p2pnut.

@Frodo7: Thanks. For me, Legos were my generation's way be creative by building in a 3 dimensional environment. Minecraft is the younger generation's way to be creative by building in a virtual 3 dimensional environment with a global community. After learning about the Hololens, I no longer see it as a game, but as a precursor of the creation of a standard to how the entire world will manipulate everything in 3D in the future.
Comment by geneus1 7th August 2015
BTW, my sons started playing with Lego and now are with Minecraft and other 3D games. Lovely and great font this one, of course.
Comment by elmoyenique 23rd August 2015
Comment by wanessalucena 23rd September 2015

GReat font!

Comment by lenlesmac 5th December 2015

I used to play a ton of Minecraft, and still do occasionaly, but this font takes the concept of building blocks to a whole new level. 10/10 + fav.

Comment by Noah (winty5) 6th January 2016

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.

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