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A referential classic Trajan font for experimenting on when you can't be bothered to make your own pixel serif font.
Info: Created on 7th April 2014 . Last edited on 9th April 2014.
License Creative Commons
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I like it. This could be the start of something sweet.
Comment by SymbioticDesign 7th April 2014
Looking really good! (Just have to say your M and W have inverted stress) 10/10 Keep it up!
Comment by Christian Munk (CMunk) 7th April 2014
Thank you. I had the idea several months ago for a Trajan font that looked engraved, so I searched for a cloneable Trajan font on the site but found nothing. So here I am killing two birds with one stone, albeit two Siamese twin birds.
Comment by Cohnisgone 7th April 2014
Another great work from you, you have really become a fontstructor to look at and enjoy. Keep it up!10/10
Comment by time.peace 7th April 2014
@CMunk: Thank you for pointing that out, I have changed it immediately. How easily these technicalities often may slip one's mind.
@time.peace: Thank you very much; however I would like to disclaim myself from the font by saying that if this isn't 100% pastiche then I've gone wrong, so it isn't really a work 'from' me.
Comment by Cohnisgone 7th April 2014
A comparison:
Comment by Cohnisgone 8th April 2014
Comment by Cohnisgone 8th April 2014
Every font out here has a little bit of inspiration from something, and with that said, you still are one great fontstructor
Comment by time.peace 8th April 2014
A beautifully constructed take on the classic theme. This shows great skill.
Comment by p2pnut 8th April 2014
Hmm... TRAIAN or Trajan?
Comment by j4s13 8th April 2014
@p2pnut: Thank you very much.

@j4s13: If you are asking why I gave my font the title it has, it's because I wanted to give it a different but similar name to the fonts it's based on. In the original Latin inscriptions there is only an uppercase, and there are no letter Us or Js. Look up 'Trajan' on google translate into Latin--it will give you 'Traianus'.
Comment by Cohnisgone 8th April 2014
@Cohnisgone It was to show you it was quite ironic that Trajan was on the "FontStruct™" Trajan/TRAIANVS
Comment by j4s13 9th April 2014
@j4s13: There are two main differences between that one and mine. 1: That one is better-proportioned. 2: You need to pay for that one.
Comment by Cohnisgone 9th April 2014
@Cohnisgone I said, sigh that there was the non-modular font saying, "Hey! Buy me instead! It only costs that meal at that diner you were planning!"
Comment by j4s13 9th April 2014

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