FS Unoriginal Sans

by Umbreon126

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Info Created on 8th September 2012 . Last edited on Sun, 11th September.
License Creative Commons
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Comment by Umbreon126 13th January 2013
Unoriginal? That's original.I think FS Semioriginal is original too.
Comment by opipik 14th January 2013

Pixel font with prodigious number of glyphs. I have two questions: Why zero descenders policy? Why enforce monospace? The lack of descenders can be explained by technical reasons: dot matrix displays usually don't support descenders. Is this the reason behind monospace, too? The j,g,y look completely squeezed. And the i,j,l look so lonely in the middle of words. Some letters of the Cyrillic set suffer likewise. The display technology should be mature enough to address these issues, if they want to. 10/10

Comment by Frodo7 Sun, 11th September

Indeed, hence the existence of FS Unorithodox Sans (an "unorthodox" dot matrix font, although maybe I pushed the "unorthodox" too far).

Comment by Umbreon126 Sun, 11th September