dm Pop

by demonics
See also Defased 1 letter by Charliex.

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I'm working with a very non-intelligent Publisher 2003, so please forgive the bad samples.
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    Created on 24th August 2012. Last edited on 29th August 2012.
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Comment by demonics 28th august 2012
This is really good! It looks futuristic, sort of. The only thing I spot that seems a little off/weird is the capital and lowercase Ss, which seem to have a brick popping out in the center? I don't know if you did that on purpose, but it kind of ruins the smoothness with that there.
Comment by Echo (Rahi-Tak) 28th august 2012
@rahi-tak // The S s solution that I have was the best idea I had -- I'm open for suggestions!

Thanks for the compliments :-)
Comment by demonics 28th august 2012
For S/Z:
Comment by V. Sarela (Yautja) 28th august 2012
Thanks a million Yautja! I'll fix that tomorrow.
Comment by demonics 28th august 2012
This one is awesome! I love the k!

You're one of the few here on FS who has developed his/her (?) own typeface style.
Comment by laynecom 28th august 2012
Very original style! And absolutely agree with laynecom. 10/10

Btw, about your applications to make the sample --> Publisher 2003 is better than mine. Actually ALL of my samples are made from MS Paint. Sometimes we should strive to make the best with what we have, even that's "very non-intelligent" apps...

Anyway, I like your samples so far :)
Comment by cablecomputer 28th august 2012
Very readable indeed. I agree with
laynecom about that 'k'. 10/10
Comment by p2pnut 28th august 2012
I'm lovin' that k. Very distinctive.
Comment by djnippa 28th august 2012
Oh my goodness! Thanks so much everyone!
@laynecom // Such nice words, thanks!
@regular_one // Thank you, and so maybe it's not Publisher that's to blame, it's me :-)
@p2pnut, djnippa // Thanks! I asked some people what they thought of the font before it was published, and they said the k was too much like a capital R, but I guess it's OK!
Comment by demonics 28th august 2012
@laynecom // His, not her. The darned Internet, you never can tell ;-)
Comment by demonics 28th august 2012
Love the k. I would consider attaching the right half of the K to the left leg.
Comment by aphoria 28th august 2012
Excellent font, nothing wrong with sample, great k, 10/10
Comment by four 28th august 2012
Comment by demonics 29th august 2012
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “dm Pop” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 29th august 2012
Thanks Mr. Meek!
Comment by demonics 29th august 2012
Congratulations on the Top Pick. This font totally deserves it.
Also, this is my favorite 4 of all time. :P
Comment by Echo (Rahi-Tak) 30th august 2012
Comment by regular_one 31st august 2012
Great! Without looking at who made this I could immediately tell it was demonics, with that signature low crossbar on the A.

10/10, and sorry for my horrible english xD
Comment by Noah F. Ross (winty5) 21st january 2013
@rahitak / winty / regular_one // you're all owed a late thank you from me! Thanks! :-)
Comment by demonics 21st january 2013
good job!
Comment by David Matos (shutupandance) 30th march 2013

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