plain vanilla

by regular_one

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Info: Created on 23rd March 2012 . Last edited on 5th April 2012.
License Creative Commons
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    Comment by regular_one 4th April 2012
    Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “plain vanilla” is now a Top Pick.
    Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 5th April 2012
    Very nice work, and congrats for the TP! :D
    Comment by cablecomputer 6th April 2012
    thank you both!.
    somethings wrong with the line height. is there any way for me to correct this?
    Comment by regular_one 6th April 2012
    Not sure what you mean by 'line height' - I took a clone and the only thing I noticed was the addition to the 'j' and 'l' height (which I don't think works).
    I would also have made the (lower set) numbers a bit higher.
    Comment by p2pnut 6th April 2012
    The 'Line Height' as you put it, or the 'Line Spacing' as it's known increases dramatically on Fontstruct when you add anything above the caps height or ascender height, or below the baseline. So adding diacritics (accents etc) will greatly effect the height. It's a annoying thing with Fontstructs. I always have to adjust the Line Spacing to the correct size using Fontlab Studio 5.
    Comment by djnippa 6th April 2012
    It's either that or you've got a random brick hiding somewhere putting it all out.
    Comment by djnippa 6th April 2012
    I think FontStructor needs height adjusting facility...
    Comment by cablecomputer 6th April 2012
    Apologies for thread-jacking, @regular_one, but I agree: FontStruct needs a Global Height Adjustor, similar to the individual Width Adjustor.

    I have a pixel font (8 pixels high) and its corresponding outline font (10 pixels high), but the TTF generated for the pixel font is twice as large as the TTF for the outline font(!)... :^|
    Comment by Goatmeal 6th April 2012
    Comment by Rob Meek (meek) 6th April 2012
    @meek - Thanks, Rob! Perhaps that will solve the problem with my generated TTFs... :^)
    Comment by Goatmeal 6th April 2012
    Great character, nothing plain: 10/10
    Comment by four 7th April 2012