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Jakarta is sinking to the center of the earth!


Your styles are just all over the board lol. I'm likin em all!
Comment by Ken Bruce (crispycraker) 10th march 2011
thank you crispycracker :)

i made all of my fontructions simple, coz i dunno how filter works, makes composite etc LOL
Comment by Adien Gunarta (Adien Gunarta) 10th march 2011
i like your original work very much. i think you have a lot of potential especially with the creative influences at your disposal. i anticipate seeing how your culture will manifest in your fonts. don't be concerned with the top pick thing. you should really focus on giving us unique and fascinating fonts that represent your world. if you continue, i think you have a very important role to play here at fontstruct, especially as witnessed from what you have already done. this one is very effective and displays a certain volcanic energy with the style you use. congrats.
Comment by funk_king 10th march 2011
@Adien: lol i dunno how to work that stuff either :P

@funk_king: very well put sir
Comment by Ken Bruce (crispycraker) 10th march 2011
@funking: thank you! i'd really focus to top pick stuff so far, it make me thinking not creating. It's bad :(
Thanks for realizing me :)

@crispy: ummm... what the font LOL
Comment by Adien Gunarta (Adien Gunarta) 11th march 2011
well it's not a bad thing to want one (a top pick) for sure. and i think although many are content to just do our thing here, for many it is something we strive for. i have been surprised many times thinking something that was a sure fire TP, goes unrewarded and something that i think is just ok, gets one. since it is somewhat subjective, there can't be an exact formula. and although some may think they or someone else deserves one and may make a recommendation, it's still no guarantee. i think the problem is, as you realized, when you start thinking "top pick" while creating a font, it can really get in the way. i'm sure meek and staff realize this and never intended it as such, but perhaps it is the nature of awards. so i would say that it's ok to think about it and maybe in a real conscious way sometimes when creating, but not always. try to keep it in check. don't set that as your ultimate objective or goal. i always say if one person downloads and uses my one of my fonts and gets some joy out of that, then i have truly succeeded. sometimes people let you know with their remarks. i think most silently enjoy our work and never say anything. that's one of the sadder conditions of being an artist - we want acceptance, but many times don't get it. or worse, get criticized. and so we must continue on this sometimes lonely journey. as i said, your work is unique and original, and you have much potential. i would really hate to see you become overwhelmed and frustrated thinking that because you don't get a TP for a font you do, that's its not good or worthy of existing. continue to do your thing and have fun, and the rest will take care of itself.
Comment by funk_king 11th march 2011
@Funk_King : wise words, but then why TPs ? These unfair arbitrary made me leave... and continue my path alone
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 11th march 2011
@funking: wow,, i realy need google translate to read that. (im sorry if there was translations error, so i cant get what you mean)
Yeah, sometimes our expectation is not realized, but it's ok.

i knew someone who get out from fontstruct just because he did not presented a TP for about one year. It's very unacceptable, i think he is not be patient..
Comment by Adien Gunarta (Adien Gunarta) 11th march 2011
oooh,, sorry neurone_error LOL
Comment by Adien Gunarta (Adien Gunarta) 11th march 2011
I don't think top picks should be important. If you need a TP to feel good about yourself, then you are missing the point of being creative. If you leave fontstruct just because the people who pick tp's don't like your work, then that is a problem with your ego, not the people behind the selection. The greatest artists created because they wanted to do so, not because they were trying to satisfy other people. Adien, you have been creating some awesome stuff... don't worry about what others think. Just keep being creative and do what you want, not what others want you to.
Comment by Zarvon 11th march 2011
Like funk_king, I've had fonts that I thought were surefire TPs and got little attention, but I've also had fonts that I thought were nothing special and got a lot of attention.

Just like many things in life, you have to do it for the love of doing it and not the recognition. The recognition may or may not come.
Comment by aphoria 11th march 2011
@zafron: wow. that's a big thinking! thank you, thats really inspire me. Hanging by others assessment is not good for our self.

@aphoria: yeah, u are right. I have made a simple font that consist of more than 1000 glyphs. I on fire of making that font. When i publish that, no one care. Sad. So, i decide to less expect and more free to create some.

This font was made when im feeling down, sad and angry of all what happen in my life. fuh... :(
Comment by Adien Gunarta (Adien Gunarta) 11th march 2011

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