Cristina Light

by caliopigio
See also Cristina Medium by caliopigio.

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Cristina light is part of an square and octogonal sans serif font family.


Good work, looks really nice especially at small sizes, voted 9.
Comment by Frederic F. (Star Script Writer) 14th july 2010
Comment by caliopigio 14th july 2010
It makes me too much think to the excellent "The Plot" by designer laynecom here in Fontstruct
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 14th july 2010
I retire what i said, yours is more formal, less technical, and i think i prefer the technical feeling of The Plot, or the "db light" of designer Beate in a similar approach, i'm not a really a fan of formal things, sorry. But i guess you're good in these kinds of things and i respect the evident quality of your work, even it's not my cup of tea. Even with a squared construction, you escape the scientific feeling for a formal text fonts for books. But what i like in squared construction is precisely the techno feeling than can come out of it. Sorry, and continue to do things you like.
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 14th july 2010
sorry for what? don't have to be sorry. Instead, thanks for the comments and for pointing out The Plot, I miss it completely.
Comment by caliopigio 14th july 2010
Great design... As a big fan of clean, minimalistic and technoid lightweight fonts myself, I really like the consistency and the proportions of this font. Very elegant, and very usable! (Especially thanks to the extended character set.)

The only thing I'm not very sure about is the A... Maybe you could make a clone and try out what it looks like if you break the octagonal pattern and bring in a 2x1 or 3x1 angle there. Which could then of course be passed on to M, N, V, W and so on... Might be worth the little extra time! :)

Oh, and @neurone_error: Funnily I think The Plot is a completely different typeface in many respects... While they share the octagonal base (that is naturally inherent to many fontstructions especially of pre-2.0-days), Cristina Light is much more square-oriented, has no serifs at all, and allows more kerning space, thus giving a more balanced impression. I personally prefer Cristina Light because it is much more elegant in my opinion.
(This is not to criticise your criticism, but just to point out how we seem to be so much more sensibilised to little details in the things we like ourselves, while not seeing any nuances in things that are "not our cup of tea"...:) )
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 14th july 2010
@Shasta : I deeply agree with you, that's the reason why so many people see alien fonts like only ugly things a 5 years old child could make, when i can recognize an extraordinary work in that genre, even when most people seem to ignore or reject it, because i've been in the same path and i'm delighted with the "little details" you're talking about that i see and so many don't...
Comment by Abneurone Fluid Types 14th july 2010
@Shasta: I use of 1x1 angle in 'A' and 'V' and 'W' because the kerning. In FS3.0 things will be different (I hope).
But, I change de 'M' and 'N'. Looks nicer, I think.
Comment by caliopigio 15th july 2010
I think shasta has a good suggestion. Maybe something like this?

Comment by aphoria 15th july 2010
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Cristina Light” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by afrojet 16th july 2010
This is what I'm talking about. With angled sides the spaces between letter seems odd and uneven.
Comment by caliopigio 16th july 2010
Cristina Medium joins the Cristina family. Hope you appreciate it.
Comment by caliopigio 21st july 2010


Comment by Guruprasad N 21st february 2019

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