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Humble addition, to the competition ^^


No, This is not the Sample.

Sample will be uploaded soon.
(before 12th march I guess)
Comment by jmarquez 3rd march 2010
nice entry. the slick smoothness of your work belies the challenges in successfully creating an italics font in Fonstruct. congrats.
Comment by funk_king 3rd march 2010
thanks F_K.

Updated a few Characters.
Comment by jmarquez 3rd march 2010
Oooh, look at that powerful lean. I don't know...with an edge that sharp, Funk King might have to guard those soccer balls ;-)
Comment by afrojet 3rd march 2010
Hehe... and so the Fun Banter Begins!

I'm sure F_K is readying something that will make my powerfull lean fall flat on the floor! lol
Comment by jmarquez 3rd march 2010
You may call it humble, but it is a very capable font with great potential in sport magazine typesetting. The clean-cut shapes, sharp corners and forward leaning of the letters suggest something speedy. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 3rd march 2010
I admire the strength and simplicity of these glyphs. The lack of optical correction brings tension to glyphs containing diagonal stroke prior to italicization. But they lean out of line a lot less than other italic jobs I have seen here :) And I think they turned in some of your coolest characters!

Try narrowing the c a little bit. Oh, and I don’t think you need to include SportsComp in the name of the font, just the tags.

I really dig the little corner detail defining the D. Did I miss that at first, or is it a new addition? In any case, I wanted to suggest you try cutting some of this font’s ‘square’ corners just like that. Particularly these obtuse ones like in the D (though you could try both), and even more specifically the ones on the top left of certain lowercase characters (c, e, o, m, n, etc.).

If you like the idea, if it’s really as slick and contemporary as I imagine, please try it on a clone (of course if you haven’t already). TheItalicJob has a great voice and needs very little tuning as it is.

This design feels so timeless and solid. I look at your sample and feel like I am about to experience a classy commercial selling the Swiss version of a sports watch. Perhaps I am responding in part to the word “Synchronized” (funny that you chose this over “Speed Skating”, though I see why you wanted to included y). Still, I notice throughout this palpable measured regularity. It’s a precisely engineered, if coldly calculated, quality as if this were designed by metronome.

Kudos on the impressive consistency and usability!
Comment by William Leverette (will.i.ૐ) 3rd march 2010
Thanks Frodo7 and Will.i for these kind words!

@Will.i: the reason I have "SportsComp." on the name is because I had released a font with that same name a while back, at the time I wasn't sure about the result so I turned it private again. Since this is a diferent font, to avoid confusion I added "SportsComp." to the name. It's funny you say stuff like cutting the square corners cause I tried that with the older font :) Maybe I'll try it on this one when the competition is over.

ps: Kerning Pairs in FS would be a dream come true...
Comment by jmarquez 4th march 2010
A really dynamic piece of work jm.

Do they have to wear lots of make-up and nose clips in sychronized skating? ..... Oh no ... that's synchronized swimming isn't it? :)
Comment by p2pnut 4th march 2010
The Sample
Comment by jmarquez 5th march 2010
I think I cut my finger on this!
I've always loved sharp fonts, and this one is on the edge! 10/10
Comment by ssaamm 6th march 2010
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “TheItalicJob_SportsComp” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by afrojet 28th march 2010

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