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This font was inspired by the Fontstruct logo, actually. I decided to call it Venetian Blinds because of a comment I got when the name of this font was Tell me what to name this!!!.
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    Created on 1st September 2009. Last edited on 21st September 2009.
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Please! I need a good name! If you have an idea for a name, please leave it in a comment.
Comment by Mel O'Mann (aaaalllleeeexxxx) 2nd september 2009
Well, what to say? First, just give it a working title, such as Alex05. This work is still in early embryonic stage. It has characteristics enough for at least two fonts. I would take V,W,X,Y and develop them into a separate typeface. The rest of the glyphs also show some inconsistencies, but you can weed them out later, as you develop a clear concept of what you are about. After you've successfully completed the set, and still have no idea for a name do one of the following:
1.) Take the book of first names, and select the one you are fond of.
2.) Take a World Atlas (Google Earth will also do) and pick a city, town, river, mountain, etc. you fancy. They are not going to sue you for using their name.
3.) A font could be named after almost anything: a cartoon hero, pop icon, present or ex-lover, pet parrot, natural disaster, even an irrational number (eg.: Pi). The only condition you can't use a name already used by someone else for a font. Needless to say, one can not use band names or registered trademarks (eg.: Nike, Disney, Apple, Texaco, Lamborgini, HSBC, etc.)

Usually, I work the other way around: stumble upon something fanciful, develop some concep and create a set of shapes to express that. But there aren't any rules in creative design carved in stone. Thus, free your mind, unleash your imagination, and let your creative emotions flow untrammeled.
Comment by Frodo7 3rd september 2009
I looked at the display of the font and immediately thought of Venetian blinds, as used instead of curtains for some windows.

However, the name Venetian in typography is often (usually?) used in relation to a type of serifed Roman face where the straight line of the lowercase e goes slightly upwards as it goes from left to right rather than being horizontal.

This goes back to an early printer, Nicolas Jenson.


So, maybe not Venetian, yet Venice is in the Adriatic sea, so maybe something like Adriatic Ambience or Adriatic Holiday or something like that. The initial impression just providing a starting point.

Actually, you used 28 characters in the name of the font. As it happens I think that 28 characters is the limit before some (most?) (all?) software packages start having problems with a font due to the length of the name.

When a font has an italic as well, it might be (I am not sure of this) that the space and the word Italic count towards the 28 characters.

Comment by mathematician 3rd september 2009
I thank you for these great suggestions. I especially thank you, mathematician. I have decided to use Venetian Blinds as the title for this font. I don't know why, but something about that phrase just hit me all of a sudden.
Comment by Mel O'Mann (aaaalllleeeexxxx) 4th september 2009
This font is under construction, but sould be done sometime close to September 20, 2009.
Comment by Mel O'Mann (aaaalllleeeexxxx) 13th september 2009

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