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    Created on 15th July 2009. Last edited on 23rd July 2009.
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This one is sidetracking me from finishing Mocktura properly. Story of my life.
Comment by intaglio 18th july 2009
This is great. The lowercase has a very nice cursive feeling, while the caps has classic roman proportions.

Did you try a less exotic g? :-)
Comment by gferreira_admin 20th july 2009
Well... I had the same "bumping into the ceiling" problem with the g that I'm having with the 8 -- but in this case digging through the floorboards!

A less eccentric fix would be to make a single bowl g, but this font is determinedly whimsical, so I'm reluctant...

Of course I'll give in and do a "proper" g eventually. It does get old after a paragraph or so.

Do you think I can fudge the rules a bit with my 8 glyph? It's occupying a baseline all its own (hah hah!) at the moment but I can't compress it much more before it loses any link to its siblings altogether.

There's always one child that acts up...
Comment by intaglio 21st july 2009
Ohh! Will you look at that W. How whimsical. You should be daft more often. ;)

PS: Thank you for leaving the 9 unfinished.
Comment by thalamic 22nd july 2009
Congratulations! FontStruct Staff have deemed your FontStruction worthy of special mention. “Tagliana” is now a Top Pick.
Comment by gferreira_admin 22nd july 2009
Regarding the g – you could try an open 'tail' like in FF Signa. And regarding the 8 – maybe you can bring it up to the baseline, and extend the 'ascender' of the 6 to match?
Comment by gferreira_admin 22nd july 2009
they keep getting smoother and smoother. the B and R are smoooth. W is like thalamic said - wicked. another unique and legible font. congrats :)
Comment by funk_king 22nd july 2009
these faces you've made are ill.
Comment by gomar2 29th july 2009
I'm not up with the play with modern usage: ill in the sense of wicked, dope or sick, or just ill?
Comment by intaglio 29th july 2009
Somehow I missed this gem: a rare diamond. An instant FS classic. 10/10
Comment by Frodo7 3rd october 2009
It looks good ... then you look at the sample text and - it looks great!
Comment by p2pnut 4th october 2009
I really must get round to...
Comment by intaglio 5th october 2009
I think intaglio was doing 2.0 before it was possible. :-)
Comment by thalamic 7th june 2010

Wow. That is a Courier. XD

Comment by Special(540 19th october 2023

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