SF Unicode

by SonicFontsHD
See also SFUni X by anonymous-2270814.

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A font I'm working on that will support most Unicode.

I will continue working on this until i get to over 8240 characters, beating 7:12 Serif.


Basic Latin - DONE

Latin 1 Supplement - DONE

Latin Extended A - DONE

Latin Extended B - DONE

Greek and Coptic - In Progress


good luck!! you can do it

Comment by Khalfani 16th january 2019

There are fonts ahead of Cmunk, like my F77 Minecraft, Khalfani's no moral, Greenstar987's GS Unicode, and others with hyper-unicode sets...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 16th january 2019

@Se7enty-Se7en I am aware of those fonts.

@zephram Yes I am KyooshiFonts.

Comment by SonicFontsHD 19th january 2019

I changed the 'z', it felt wrong.

Comment by SonicFontsHD 19th january 2019

You missed accents on some of the Latin-A... (Rcedilla, scircumflex, Tstroke, wcircumflex, ycircumflex, etc.)

Comment by anonymous-1520403 19th january 2019

@Se7enty-Se7en Filled in the rest of Latin A, probably made that mistake because i pasted the letters ahead of time.

Comment by SonicFontsHD 19th january 2019

The breves on the E, I, O, and U are not the same as the one on the A...

Comment by anonymous-1520403 20th january 2019

ok i'll fix it

Comment by SonicFontsHD 27th january 2019

The breve on A/a should be like the others now, lol. It should be rounded. This is a nice font overall. :)

Comment by TCWhite 28th january 2019

P.S.: 0192 (f with hook) should not be italicized. The italic form of it is used now for the florin, i.e., if you have an italic version of the font. The normal version has been altered since its inclusion into unicode, and is used in a few African languages, thus why the character is no longer called "florin" or italicized. :)

Comment by TCWhite 28th january 2019

@DP I'm thinking that the breves on the E, I, O, and U should look like the one on the A, so it'd keep the angular look throughout......

Comment by anonymous-1520403 28th january 2019

Don't worry folks, I will return to work on this font!

Comment by SonicFontsHD 16th july 2019

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