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This started out as an attempt to make a Courier with vertical as well as horizontal serifs. Why do so many of my fonts look like a pirate made them?

Info: Created on Mon, 14th January . Last edited on Tue, 15th January.
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Comment by Good Bye (ecluniverso) Tue, 15th January

pirate typography sounds weird. I don't think many of them read or write xD

Comment by JingYo Tue, 15th January

Great work! These are the most natural-looking "alternative serifs" I've seen, and I'm always a fan of space bars with a design of some sort in them.

Whether using metal, stone, or wood, this design seems like it would take a huge amount of skill and planning to render in real life. With that effort in mind, it seems like a design people would've used for either signage (to advertise their establishment) or items from formal occasions - awards, trophies, plaques, grave markers, keystones commemorating important buildings, and the like. It seems like a font that would be on items that a pirate stole or saw while doing a coastal raid, rather than being a font pirates themselves would make. But, anything is possible in the realms of imagination! I hope to see a feature-length pirate movie which heavily features your fonts soon, JRG. :D

Comment by zephram Tue, 15th January

Thanks all, even though Courier seems staid and boring, it has a subtle flamboyance, and I see that being brought out here.

Comment by jonrgrover Tue, 15th January

I always thought that Courier and Courierlike fonts were a bit taxing to read but offered excellent clarity. By contrast this is much less of a strain, but people might confuse H/M/W. Just an observation from me. I like them as-is and probably wouldn't change them, but in the spirit of offering useful feedback, I brainstormed these:

Comment by zephram Tue, 15th January

Thanks. I already like the M. The W has been bugging me however.

Comment by jonrgrover Tue, 15th January

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