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    Created on 31st January 2009. Last edited on 30th June 2009.
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Comment by aphoria 2nd february 2009
Nice!Sweet ecology font
Comment by dada 2nd february 2009
Thanks. I wasn't sure what I was doing. I saw a letter somewhere (I think the a or the e) that inspired me and just kind of ran with it.
Comment by aphoria 2nd february 2009
I think, it a bit ironically and very much stylish...
Comment by dada 3rd february 2009
Do you have a link for that? I'd like to check it out some more.

Crap. I'm sure that will bring out the plagiarism police, even though I've never seen that.
Comment by aphoria 3rd february 2009
Nice work and Oh damn, as I've just done something very very similar to this fontstruct.
Maybe I'll delay it's release by a few weeks.
Comment by djnippa 3rd february 2009
Thanks. I look forward to seeing your new one.
Comment by aphoria 3rd february 2009
Sorry. I am afraid, you understood me not correctly. On a image - your font.
Unfortunately, my English is terrible. I like your font, but my vocabulary not sufficiently big, to write something greater, than "good font". It image - a sort of to express oneself in pantomime...
Comment by dada 3rd february 2009
Ahhh...thanks for explaining. :)

That makes me feel a lot better.
Comment by aphoria 3rd february 2009
Comment by xenius 7th february 2009
Thank you xenius.
Comment by aphoria 7th february 2009
I really like this font (:
Comment by hazy 17th august 2009
Thanks hazy!
Comment by aphoria 17th august 2009
Very sweet! Any chance we get numerals?;)
I'd maybe try to smoothen Z and z a little... Shit, running out of typography vocabulary again. OK, I'll just do it the unprofessional way: Maybe try to round the corners, but outwards. So not like a reflected S, but in the other way... Hm, see what I mean? :D
Comment by Tobias Sommer (shasta) 17th august 2009

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