Thick Sans

by Brynda

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Steps to do it on your device:

1. Open up your Zip file explorer

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3. Long press on the file and press extract.

4. If it tells you where to save it to, press "Choose path" then find the fonts folder.

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6b. If it is a new version, press "Overwrite".

7. If it tells you how to do it, select "File Way" and press OK.

8. Wait a while.

9. You can use it in WPS office or other program that reads from the Fonts folder. 

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    Created on 22nd June 2017. Last edited on 27th June 2017.
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    All Rights Reserved. No download available.
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Nice work again. I have only a few suggestions as to improve Thick Sans. Caps: the tail of Q is way too big; Y looks like the Cyrillic letter У. Lc: there is a problem with the j, and kerning only won't solve it. Type the following words and you'll see what I mean: fjord, mojo, hajj, logjam, skyjacker, pyjama. Number 4 needs more work. Try to make it similar to Z. The asterisk (*) is too crude. 10/10

Comment by Frodo7 23rd june 2017

Q: Shortened the tail by 2 full pixels

Y: I made a latin Y and moved the original to the capital Cyrillic U

4: I like it that way for now...

Asterisk: Changed.

Lc J: I like the original. However, I placed 2 alternates on Ĵ and ĵ for now...

Comment by Brynda 27th june 2017

Also, Added accents, Greek, and Cyrillic,

Comment by Brynda 27th june 2017

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