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Info Created on Tue, 8th November . Last edited on Sun, 9th July.
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    Copied from https://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/819937/bin2x2grid_safe

    • Good job {e.g. a handful of interesting symbols; a uniform font type color; a blocky and homogeneous 3x3 grid; a daring underscore symbol; a coherent encasing set of symbols; and above all, a full basic Ascii set}.

    • Difficult trials {e.g. four 3-x-height and four baseline hacks in your lowercase, which is incoherent; three split glyphs, which can be invalid sooner or later; monospaced-only design, wich is not quite portable; 4-dot- vs 3-dot-wide retained convention, which is not designer-friendly; uppercase and symbols alike numerics, which is ambiguous and not favorable to a less artistic context like coding or gaming; one 4-dot-tall and possibly duplicated glyphs in the non-basic-Ascii range, which is not an issue in the strict basic Ascii that I stick with myself}.

    • Thank you, I'll try to remember your own preferences (before a possible series of polls in the future), and the choices you shared with the other related type designers (before this kind of font can be popularized, one day…).

    • Too bad my 3x3 .xlsb documentation (and its enclosed converters) is still unpublished. {You would see how many alternate glyphs you still have to improve even more your -young- font, e.g. as variable width and with smaller glyphs… my (sort of) bottom line and piece of advice: try to insulate the various parts in our basic Ascii, next check the 'robustness' of your font in different contexts, again and again (and expect to spend hours to years in the fine-tuning processes and alternate fonts, e.g. I had to provide a few sets of 3x3 numerics to please the neophyte or aesthetic preferences, in the both width layout and with no duplicate in each font of course).

    • The first difficulty was to get zero duplicate in 3x3 in a basic Ascii font: you passed this pitfall, I see quickly, but your font does not validate as variable width, then you compel subsequently your users to use a software (where a decent 'micro' font should be reminded by the humans without too many puzzles). The second issue is obviously the legibility, and yours is quite average -and common- at this size (mainly because of too many oddities in the lowercase i.m.o.), knowing that my own 3x3 -unpublished- designs are not perfect at all either, though more coherent, hopefully.}

    See you (more info on the FS page linked above).

    Comment by dpla Wed, 19th April

    @dpla: The 4-dot tall character is just for line spacing.

    Comment by ImmaPooh Mon, 15th May

    Yes, but this adds a flaw in the minimalist concept (a 3x3 is supposed to be compact/thrifty vertically too)… Let's say it's more legible as is.

    Comment by dpla Mon, 15th May

    All right, I needed to install "Pixel4x4" to get the issue: the extra line spacing shows only in the online previewer, while the font displays correctly in e.g. Notepad. OK: 3x3 glyphs in a 4x4 layout.

    {I just can't get hold on the very last 3x4 character -what is this 'apostrophe'?-… the latter was enough deceptive to make me hastily post my supposition, since we cannot check accurately online, I assume.}

    Comment by dpla Sat, 20th May

    @my last comment: the character was Á.

    Usually, my baseline is a true baseline.

    (the bottom is actually at the baseline)

    Comment by ImmaPooh Today, 1:06 AM

    OK: "À" (with grave accent)… a junk glyph (since it looks like "'" but is raised/flawed), or added to hack the automatic line height? Anyway, the baseline is -too- tricky in the current fontstructor… {We cannot set it manually, can we? I mean, all the glyphs need to be moved by hand to add an extra line height (>1px), which spoils the meaning of 'baseline'… if it's supposed to be normal (no official help), it looks disorganized and may discourage me to add more pixel fonts with this -otherwise straightforward and precise- tool.}

    Comment by dpla Today, 2:44 AM

    Added À for hacking the baseline. I will make a version w/o it, though.

    Comment by ImmaPooh Mon, 3rd July

    @ my last comment: Actually, I'll update this one.

    Comment by ImmaPooh Wed, 5th July

    Done. Also, Updated some glyphs.


    EDIT 2: Updating the lowercase M.

    EDIT 3: Done.

    EDIT 4: Compressed some more characters.

    EDIT 5: The lowercase i no longer has its dot.

    Comment by ImmaPooh Wed, 5th July