Unlu Light

by LokiT

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Here is the second version of the Unlu script font.

This one has been called Unlu Light as it is significantly smaller than the original with cleaner lines and angles.

In addition to the Unlu v.1 letters and usage this version includes more punctuation and the numbers 0-9.


Awesome! I like the stark shape of the letters. If I were you, I might make the spacing a little tighter, but other than that, i think it's perfect. Also, where did you find this? Did you invent Unlu yourself, or find it on omniglot, becaue I cant find it anywhere? 

Comment by tanias 11th november 2015

Hi Tanias,

Thanks for your compliments! I agree, the spacing isn't quite right.

Unlu is my own invention. I orignally designed it for use with another of my conlangs but when I had completed designing unlu it didn't quite match up with the language. 

The script is actually inspired by human hands. Each unlu letter has four 'fingers' and a thumb positioned as extended or closed. 

Comment by LokiT 12th november 2015

wow! Very creative. Maybe it could be like, it started as a cave painting code, which slowly came to repreent sounds and eventually found it's way onto pen and paper. That actually makes great sense!

I'd like to learn the spoken form of the language, whenever you've got it set up.

Comment by tanias 13th november 2015

Well, when I get a language going for it I will let you know!

Comment by LokiT 13th november 2015

Here is an example of Unlu being used to write the Unlu language.


Nymhirusa Voklæsætor ro Xækljny
Klycaruse gekule pi Fowire
Voherusa Klæchomhy Ljsharo


Leaves fall in silence
A chill dances on the wind
Harvest lights the moon

For some unknown reason Fontstruct is ignoring the vowels when i'm not in the editor. An accurate copy of the poem can be found a few posts down!

Comment by LokiT 17th november 2015

haevasu, lokiT.

Comment by tanias 17th november 2015

Hey lokiT, I had a question I forgot to ask a few days ago. i was typing with the original unlu and I noticed that the vowels automatically hovered above the text. How did you program the font to do that?

Thanks, Tanias

Comment by tanias 18th november 2015

Hi Tanias,

The vowels should automatically hover in the light version too. Bizarrely they do appear when i'm in editor and the preview function in there but they don't appear out here... very odd.

Its about where you place the glyph in relation to the baseline axis. I've attached a screenshot so you can see a vowel.

Comment by LokiT 18th november 2015

On the subject of Fontstruct bizarely ignoring my vowels when i'm not in the editor, here is the above poem sample taken in the editor so the vowels are visible.

Comment by LokiT 18th november 2015

Ahhh... I see. When I read it I was like, "Nmhrs? What's that supposed to mean?" but now I see when I translate it, Nymhirusa. Thanks for clarifying!

Comment by tanias 20th november 2015

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