by DaveCameron

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I don't get it. Rectangles?
Comment by thalamic 31st july 2008
This is mostly a novelty FontStruction, but I found it amusing. See definition two on this page.
Comment by Stephen Coles (Stewf) 31st july 2008
I guess the redactions are the character weight which the Gubmint has deemed obscene.
Comment by intaglio 31st july 2008
The best i have seen in a long while at fontstruct.
Says everything.
10 points by me.
@ minimum - this is hard to minimalize, down, under below ...

Comment by prototype 12th june 2009
A hidden gem of early fontstructing. Minimalism taken to the extreme. It's not the most legible font, perhaps, but the spacing is perfect.

An old motto comes to my mind: You can not not communicate.
Comment by Frodo7 8th december 2009
Comment by balete 10th april 2011
How on Earth do u read this??
Comment by anonymous-479865 10th may 2012
@prototype: ur SO weird! :)
Comment by anonymous-479865 10th may 2012

How are you supposed to read it?

Comment by Mairi 18th december 2012
I really like this, but I think the spaces and gaps should be black too, otherwise it's kinda revealing. This is pure brilliance though. The best part in my opinion is that this font still has real information stored as letters, meaning everything written with it can be decoded by simply changing the font. This is especially useful for when you want to write up a classified document digitally without having to swap out the information with meaningless boxes... Just change the font and boom!
Of course, you'll have to stop people from being able to copy-paste the text, but that's not too hard.
Comment by Ghosty 29th april 2013
It's quite a beautiful font, a real statement on the apparent simplicity of life, with many complexities going on in the background. 10/10
Comment by FTLogomaker 20th august 2013
Comment by Fuzzywolf 26th august 2015

Am I the only person who get's the joke? It's a reference to the ███ ██████████. Well played [DATA EXPUNGED].

Comment by four_zero_one_four 21st march 2018

You should replace a couple of the uncommon characters with actual words, so that you get a whole bunch of redaction and then a word now or then:

X: system, Z:location, Q: meeting. and leave all the other characters  ███ ██████████

Comment by jonrgrover 21st march 2018

nice font.redacted

Comment by KyYay 7th july 2019

SCP Fan Too?

Comment by fontmakerono 17th january 2020

this is the font of all time

Comment by reallycoolguy 10th october 2022

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