Toki Pona Updated

by ashcrash9

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Toki Pona is a constructed auxiliary language based around the idea of simplicity. It only has about 120 words. These are all my own symbols for them, as they are encouraged to be written in various ways besides just in Latin script. For more, see I do not claim to be fluent in Toki Pona or responsible for the creation of Toki Pona. This font is purely the result of an unaffiliated person trying to creatively kill time. List of words, in order corresponding with the preview above: a (letter), b, c, d, e (letter), f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o (letter), p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z, a (interjection), laso, ken, pimeja, e (word), kasi, mi, unpa, ijo, jan, kala, la, ma, ni, o (interjection), pi, suwi, loje, sin, tan, kon, pilin, walo, seme, jelo, lape, ala, wan, tu, tuwan, tutu, luka (number version), lukawan, lukatu, lukatuwan, lukatutu, period, comma, open quote, close quote, apostrophe, question mark, exclamation point, lawa, supa, pakala, nanpa, insa, luka (hand/arm version), en, left parantheses, right parantheses, kin, dash, forward slash, colon, semicolon, greater than, sama, less than, left bracket, right bracket, seli, alasa, pan, suno, pipi, lili, lipu, mama, meli, mani, mije, li, selo, tenpo, linja, waso, wawa, lete, pini, nimi, pali, nena, poka, poki, ona, sike, mun, namako, weka, uta, mute, utala, sina, akesi, taso, anu, ante, ali, awen, ale, kepeken, telo, kili, kule, kulupu, jo, ilo, wile, ike, nasa, moli, olin, lon, monsi, moku, pata, toki, suli, tomo, tawa, lukin, pana, anpa, sewi, kalama, sijelo, kama, kiwen, kute, ko, kipisi, esun, palisa, jaki, soweli, len, nasin, noka, open, lupa, pona, oko, sona, sinpin, sitelen, musi, mu
Info: Created on 7th October 2012 . Last edited on 6th June 2014.
License Creative Commons
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How interesting! Thanks for introducing me to it!
Comment by OsyenVyeter 25th June 2014

does the difference in captital & lowercase letters mean anything? some are very different.

Comment by tsafontstruct Thu, 14th February

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