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Info: Created on 1st June 2012 . Last edited on 3rd June 2012.
License Creative Commons
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    Howlin' at the moon dept: I rather fancy some little quarter circles rather like the quarter triangles right now. It's taking less and less time to paint myself into a corner these days...
    Comment by intaglio 1st June 2012
    Some alternatives for you.
    Comment by djnippa 1st June 2012
    Good start!
    Comment by demonics 1st June 2012
    I can see big things coming from this lil number :)
    Comment by p2pnut 1st June 2012
    @nippa: thanks for your suggestions, which make sense. Not that I can make much sense of this impossible assignment I've set myself.
    @p2pnut: I'm not hopeful of ending up with more than just a promising idea. Fatigue is setting in allready.
    Comment by intaglio 2nd June 2012
    Comment by djnippa 2nd June 2012
    Comment by djnippa 2nd June 2012
    You have dug a big hole for yourself. It took too many brain cells to work out how to do the curve of the c. I've not even looked at 's' yet. You've got some nice shapes and curves, but I think the only really satisfactory solution would be to do a rough outline in Fontstruct, then finish it off in Illustrator CS, and Fontlab Studio5.
    Comment by djnippa 2nd June 2012
    I have, haven't I. It's my fate to always be interested in attempting what can't be done in FS, rather than what can.
    Comment by intaglio 2nd June 2012
    Don't give up! I see potential in this handcrafted beauty. Inspirational sentence of the day, that's what that was :-)
    Comment by demonics 2nd June 2012
    Good. Now finish it!
    Comment by anonymous-479865 3rd June 2012
    I don't think it's a goer. But I am going to attempt it anyway. A lower case, that is. Caps are even more remote.
    Just not tonight. Band practice...
    Comment by intaglio 5th June 2012
    This has potential, hope you can swing it.
    Comment by four 7th June 2012
    This is a great start! Don't give up, it's awesome! You can do it!
    Comment by Noah (winty5) 18th November 2012
    Well,new bricks! It may be possible to finish this after all. Or not. I shall try the lower-case s to see it it's going to be feasible.
    Comment by intaglio 18th November 2012
    This is a little beauty. That s can't stop you!
    Comment by Icelar 21st August 2013