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I have made this alphabet to depict the Indo-European language, ancestor of most the modern languages from Europe to India. In the first consonant series, the small letters p, k, t, b, g, and d are the same as on the keyboard: q=kw, c=ky, v=gw, j=gy, f=bh, u=ghw, x=gh, i=ghy, and z=dh. The capital letters stand for the same letter nasalized, e.g. bh > mbh. In the second series, small m, r, l, n, w, and y are the same as on the keyboard. Their capitals are their vocalic counterparts, W=u, Y=i, M=.m, etc. Small s is the same as on the keyboard, but capital S becomes superscript s, which in common and optional, as sten.ros/ten.ros "thunder", and comes usually at the beginning of the word. Capital H stands for the laryngeal consonant h2, and small h for h1 and h3, all of which usually just make a short vowel long. The vowels o, a, and e are as they are on the keyboard, but O, A, and E are their soundless equivalents (usually called "schwa"). The numerals from 1 to 9 are the same, but 10=(, 11=), and 12=0 (zero). i believe that Indo-European originally used a duodecimal system of numbers.
Info: Created on 21st April 2010 . Last edited on 22nd April 2010.
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