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This font is cipher made a few thousand years BC by Caesar (before he has killed, of course). I just modernized it a little by putting it in Fontstruct form.
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    Created on 7th September 2009. Last edited on 7th September 2009.
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Have you got some ancient tapes to know how read it?
Comment by Frodo7 8th september 2009
Cool idea!

@frodo7: If I got the idea right, to read the text set in this font you would need to apply a second 'decipher font' to shift all characters back to the right: ZABCDEFG...
Comment by gferreira_admin 8th september 2009
@gferreira: Well, yeah. But where to find that Rosetta stone?

You would not believe, but I've already decrypeted a few wordsfrom the text below (screenshot). It reads "...quick brown fox ... over lazy quartz...codfish eggs..." It must have been an old sacred text.
Comment by Frodo7 8th september 2009
This cipher is a simple one; yet hard enough to decipher that Caesar's enemies could not see. I, myself, think it is easy to see. Just to clear things up, in this cipher (not to be confused with a "code" or "an old sacred text") the letters are shifted once to the next letter. For eg., B=A, C=B, D=C, and so on until Y=X, Z=Y, and A=Z. It's as simple as that.
Comment by Mel O'Mann (aaaalllleeeexxxx) 8th september 2009
I give you 10/10 for the fun and laughter. I've got stiffness in my diaphragm. I keep my mouth shut, and never tell the enemy about the cipher, I promise. :))
Comment by Frodo7 8th september 2009
Most wise of you to do so, Frodo7! I had "fun and laughter" too.

P.S. I'm not being pushy, but if you really do give me 10/10, please do so by rating it that way... if you want to... if not, that's cool.
Comment by Mel O'Mann (aaaalllleeeexxxx) 8th september 2009
Well, I gave you a full 10, no joke. Unfortunately it hardly improved your rating. Never mind. It was fun, and at the end of the day that's all that matters.
Comment by Frodo7 9th september 2009
That's nice to hear. Strangly, that is the only time I have heard something like that in a long, long time.
Comment by Mel O'Mann (aaaalllleeeexxxx) 10th september 2009

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