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[NOTE: I know this is long, but some important stuff is in it, so please read, and I'm sorry.]

Another good name I wanted to mention that somebody called it, was:
"a la PC-98".

I made this font so people can make NEC PC-#### series style games and such. This is based on the PC-98 style font (I think), it should be alright to use (as I made it from scratch and a guideline I made), if not, just let me know.

Also to note, I don't know the NEC PC-#### series font's license, so please respect that knowledge and bare it in mind, when using this font that I made.

Feel free to mention the name in things you make with this font. For example if you made a comercial game and want a character to say "I have a PC-99 in my garage" [or PC-9900 or something], feel free to do so. Keep in mind that I'm not sure about adding "NEC" in front of it, as "NEC" is the name of the corporation that made the series of computers ["NEC Corporations", I think?], so you may need the company's permission to use their name in that case, maybe? [I don't work at NEC, so don't know.] But otherwise feel free to call your game "PC-9900 series", mention it in something you make, or whatever, I don't know, up to you. :)

I decided on "PC-9900" to pay perhaps a kind of "homage" to the PC-9800 series and other series of computers. I feel that if there was another series it'd be called "PC-9900" or "PC-99". Kind of want to say that's what games that are make in the style of PC-####, but aren't originally of PC-####, made after PC-#### would be called. But who knows. :)

You can go to this video to see how I made this (to anyone interested):
[will post link]

Also to NEC, if I'm infringing on any copyrights, I'm humbly sorry, just let me know and I'll take this down respectfully, this is not meant to be selling your font, but rather so people can make games and stuff.

Good luck! :)


[Don't have to read the following but you can.]

I will make a Version 2 sometime soon hopefully. :)

Here's Status of the Character Groups of the Font:
Basic Latin (Completed, may edit)
More Latin (WIP)
Katakana (Need to do)
Hiragana (Need to do)

If there's any fonts you'd like me to try and do, just let me know. Have a wonderful day. :)

List of [Other] Character Groups:

Extended Latin B
Extended Latin A
Greek and Coptic
Even More Latin
Google Fonts Basic


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