Casio fx-9750GII

by SonicFontsHD

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The font based off of my graphing calculator i bought for school. Unfortunately, I'm in middle school, so i can't take it back to school, but at least it's a good font resource. Most of the characters were receated from the "program" app's symbol menu. THE THING COST $43 BUCKS!!! You should expect a lot of MATH characters...

Info: Created on 23rd October 2018 . Last edited on 23rd October 2018.
License Open Font License
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If you know your way around the Casio, you know the small letters.

They're in the fullwidth section, ironically XD

Comment by SonicFontsHD 23rd October 2018

@SonicFontsHD - Reading your description, why would want to return it?  Calculators are AWESOME!  You'll definitely have more use for it in high school and college, so think of it as an early investment.  :^)  (Nice work, BTW.  I look forward to more characters.)

Comment by Goatmeal 24th October 2018

That calculator supports DOOM, so it's always useful! :D

Comment by zephram 24th October 2018

@Goatmeal I never said I want to return it.

@zephram Yeah, but i'm not that kind of game

Comment by SonicFontsHD 27th October 2018

@SonicFontsHD - My mistake.  When your description said you "can't take it back," I took that to mean you couldn't "take it back to the store (to return it and get your $43 back)"...  Thank you for the clarification.  :^)

Comment by Goatmeal 27th October 2018

That’s really cool. I also made a font like this a while ago:

You say that model of calculator costed you $43, but in my country it costed me triple that!

Have you coded any programmes on it? Here’s a link to my first game, “SPACEZAP”:

You can download the first version onto your calculator, or you can play the second version on just about any device that has a web browser.

Since I made that, I’ve made heaps of other programmes such as an actual 3D renderer! But it runs really slowly (like one frame per second for a simple cube).

Comment by TH3_C0N-MAN 17th November 2018

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