Aximen FS

by SymbioticDesign

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Rules of Aximen font design project:

1. All letter characters and numerals must incorporate a section of the staff (any part of it, the staff is fully represented by the I).

2. Norse Futhark usually used a vertical line at the top and bottom of each rune to show it's flow across a stone or woodworking, that would follow the contour of the media.  This means that no character can share the base line, nor can it share a part of the top line (as it's complete design, if sharing a guideline, would effectively disappear, like an L with an underline at the baseline would look more like an I).  These are immaginary lines in uppercase, but the same glyphs will be used in lowercase which will offer a lowline directly below and sharing the base line at the top edge, as well as a top line at maximum character height where the bottom edge will share the top line (top of character boundry).

3. Accented characters will show accents below the low line or above the top line and the appropriate top or bottom edge of these lines will act like character boundry.  In the uppercase register, these accents must mirror the placement of the lowercase, even though the low/top lines are immaginary.

4. Extra points for incorporating more of the staff into the actual character design.  The staff line itself (again, represented in the I) represents the line used between characters in some Futharc runes.

5. Alphanumeric characters should represent modern letters and numbers, but not look modern.  But, they do not have to look like runes, either.  Yet, they should still be readable, though not necessarily well adapted to speed reading scanning of normal letter shapes.  No character need to comply with Summer Institute for Linguistics standards, guidelines or rules, and the characters that bend such rules the farthest are considered the best.  

6. Each character should be taken indivually as if the only design problem.  Individuality and uniqueness of each character is prized well above unity as a typeface.  Diversity, even of style througho0ut the same character set, is encouraged and applauded.


both W's look like some kind of a Transformer (robot) head, lel

Comment by Sed4tives 10th june 2018

Man that just gave me tons of idea's.. Thank you so much :D

Comment by Sed4tives 10th june 2018

2. Norse Futhark usually used a vertical line at the top and bottom of of each 

what? of of?

Comment by JingYo 10th june 2018

LOL... sure, @Sed4tives, glad to help.

@JingYo: of each rune... these lines followed the media and were guides for reading the rune as they might curve around the stone or follow the contour of a ship.

Comment by SymbioticDesign 10th june 2018

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