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    Created on 14th October 2017. Last edited on 14th October 2017.
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Teensy, indistinguishable 3x4 letters, just like gramma used to make. 

Comment by Tangle10 14th October 2017

Hello. So, almost one month after Umbreon126's kind notifications (next mine) about your present low-res work, here am I again *tada!*…

As always, I won't comment on non-US-ASCII characters, just because if a font is unreadable with this legacy/Unicode set of misc. characters, it's very likely worse with the 8-bit+ 'extensions'…
(The novice may think -this repeats since decades!-: “I could not create 94 low-res characters; so I'll try enriching my poor series with even more INCOMPLETE sets of characters…” which is Aeolien's word *in-joke* for carelessness. Nothing very personal.)

Anyway, what "Mini-Angleskij" provides, quickly:
• A proportional 3x4 dot-matrix font;
• 2.5 x-height (mix of 3 and 2 x-heights);
• 3x3-based ascenders and descenders (3x3 LC = useless/tough rules - early and preserved 3x3 design, I suppose);
• 3x4 UC, which is quite readable, incomparably more than the 3x3 LC;
• 3x3 numerics (several look like trials, a few are -very- good) and most 'symbols' (too soon to be reviewed) are 3x3 too, so my guess above was correct: it's a 3x3 font + 3x4 UC. Defining different grid sizes for the subsets (of the US-ASCII) is indeed a good mean to prevent the duplication between them, but this limits drastically the choices in the smallest grids (3x3 here);
• 5-dot tall (3x5) "`", 4-dot wide (4x4) "+", and several monospacing hacks (as if e.g. [Spacing+y] could differ from [j] that uses the same visible dots… try placing both anywhere at random on the screen and this weak trick fails);
• I won't check much for dupes (e.g. z2 o* 1< ;) {}(black) i|(and l) ''"(known)).

Your 2-x-h LC specimens look like 2x3, sometimes… therefore, it's a 3-in-one effort: 2x3, 3x3 and 3x4. The readability is thus very unbalanced, I mean: more than if you created 3 different fonts (though I'd understand the need to provide larger characters to supply an extra legibility, over the homogeneity/logic).

"Berry 19", "Mini-Angleskij" etc., how puzzling? (I feel more comfortable with understandable titles, or I'd need your enlightenment about these -to me- funny names.)


Comment by dpla 12th November 2017

B.t.w. who is “gramma”? (granma?)^^

Comment by dpla 12th November 2017

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