1x1 filler

by dpla

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Info: Created on 26th April 2017 . Last edited on 26th April 2017.
License Creative Commons
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FILLED glyphs = just all ranges of Latin and 'symbols' alike to this day…
EMPTY glyphs =
• U+0020 (" "): Space
• U+00A0 (" "): No-Break Space
• U+2800 ("⠀"): Braille Pattern Blank

You can e.g.
• extend (add more Unicode ranges)
• discard some selected codepoints
• stretch to 1x2+ (automatically…)
• add some spacing (width & line?)
• repair the following problem(s):

I am not satisfied at all with the flawed display in my old Microsoft Word: at size 1, the lines seem to be 1.x pixels tall (not 1 on the dot, the expected integer I chose). The buggy outcome is a quite ugly line height of 2 pixels repeatedly here and there (they may change when a line is added before).

Why and how can we fix this pitiful software rendition? (I wasted my time on this, then no update is planned beforehand.)
[If you already fonstructed this kind of n00b pseudo-font without such errors, you can link me to a clonable example (is "Blocksum" applicable?) so that I can get the issue, even fix it myself, else a straightforward genuine bitmap font could work better than its difficult vector imitation. TIA.]

Comment by dpla 26th April 2017

It seems that my oldie MS Word breaks the lines with my fontstructions (either deleted, or added)… I'll try and fix later (esp. if the bug is local).

Here is a screenshot that should give you an idea of the 'degradation'.

On the right the image is turned into in 1 bitplane (B&W w/o gray). The "1x1 filler" pseudo-font would produce a similar look: quite antique (1 pixel = 1 character, period!), yet ultra crisp and economical/portable.

PS more possibilities as e.g. 2x2.

Sources: Pdf/Txt/Dir.

Comment by dpla 30th April 2017

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