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This is the language of Twbraech. There are certain rules and limitations in the language. Rules include; only use capital letters at the beginning of a name or a sentence, i.e. not always a capital I for myself. There are no spaces after a full stop or a comma. Numbers are written differently...3527 is written as three thousands, five hundreds, two tens, seven, with a backslash instead of commas, represented by a hash in the font (#). 10=$, 100=% and 1000=&. So 3527 is 3&#5%#2$#7. There is no letter j, k, q, v, x or z. There are however other letters; wa, ae, ch, sh and chush... in the font j=wa, k=ae, q=ch, v=sh, x=chush, and z represents nothing. The language is purely fictional, and of course when writing in English you will find almost no use for the additionnal letters, except perhaps for sh and ch. If you want to use the letters that aren't in the language such as j or v, I recommend the following j=gae, k= cae, q=cu, v=we, x=ec and z=sd, and I would put these in apostrophes i.e. j='gae', to make it clear that your not using 'real' letters.

Info: Created on 16th October 2016 . Last edited on 17th October 2016.
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