Dehuti and others

by TCWhite

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—Update 07/22/17

Deḥuti /de.'hju:.ti:/, formerly Tehuti, took me just over a year to complete. It is my first text font; it is also not a fontstruction. A lot of that time went into deciding its overall look. Eventually, it decided that it wanted to be modern, i.e., experimental, and so it is. The design is heavily influenced by Dwiggins' Electra, with touches from Palatino, Fairfield, and Goudy Old Style. A lot of the characters are of atypical design—this was done to harmonize them with the rest of the Latin alphabet, and to not have to have them kerned, such as the African hook letters. It was also due to the nature of the designs being odd in general. The glottal stops are one such design that lacks harmony, for example. Also, there are quite a few Unicode characters that have improper glyph references/names.

Dehuti, which is available on Font Squirrel, Font Library, or Smart Fonts, includes a book, italic, bold, and a bold-italic version. The Alt (alternate) versions simply differ in the vertical spacing,, i.e., they are closer set. Enjoy. :)

The other fonts, indicated by pairs of glyphs above, are fontstructions that I created years ago. They are: Osiri (originally Azurite), Daaghu, Quartzite, Sunstone, and Drakwulf, which I made into a font for a friend.

Info: Created on 5th September 2016 .
License All Rights Reserved. No download available.
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Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You risk losing your commenting priveleges if you do so. Read more.

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A sample of the "basic" alphabets. The letters in parentheses are alternates that follow the originals, i.e., Eng, Yr, Esh, Thorn, Ezh, Omega, be, ve, ghe, et cetera. :)

Comment by TCWhite 5th September 2016

Here's some Native American.

Comment by TCWhite 6th September 2016

Here's some more Native American (diné). I included a diacritic table for replacing the dots on any i's or j's.

Comment by TCWhite 6th September 2016

Dehuti has been updated—it's now the same point size as other fonts. During it's creation, the more characters I added to the PUA seemed to affect the overall size of the glyphs themselves, which is why it ended up being so small. I've fixed that because I finally figured out how to do it. Enjoy. :)


Comment by TCWhite 18th September 2016

Update 10/17/2016. I've slightly altered a few of the characters, updated and added more currency symbols, relocated some glyphs, and added quite a few more glyphs as per the newest additions to Unicode.

Comment by TCWhite 17th October 2016

why no capital final sigma

Comment by brynda1231 18th October 2016

Umm . . . because there is no such character. You could, I suppose use the lunate form, but that is simply another version of 's', as are Archaic Sampi, Sampi and San.

Comment by TCWhite 18th October 2016

I have it on more than 1 of my fonts

Comment by brynda1231 18th October 2016

Those are probably alternate forms. However, which fonts, because I'm curious as to what you're referring to? Unicode has no such character, and if one did exist, it would have been encoded since version 1. Even in the latest version of Unicode (9) there is no such character. I add this because one of my interests is linguistics—and I've been studying languages for over 20 years.

Comment by TCWhite 19th October 2016

03/23/17: Dehuti has been updated. It now has polytonic Greek, plus the remaining punctuation for it, a few relocated characters, slightly tweaked bold X’s, a few new characters, such as an alternate exclamation mark for math (2757), and an alternate logical not sign and obelus/divide sign in the bold versions, i.e., 00AB and 00F7, for use as dashes—Russian, Polish, et cetera. I’ve also redrawn and added the majority of math symbols, APL, arrows, geometric shapes, and more pictographs. In other words, the original book font has about 1,600 new glyphs. There are also alternate or reversed glyphs in the bold versions for the arrows, mathematical operators, geometric shapes, and pictographs.

—Enjoy. :)

Comment by TCWhite 28th March 2017

04/16/17: Updated again. I've added a couple more glyphs, including one that I missed, and removed a few from the PUA that I just now noticed were repeated glyphs that already have code points. This happened because of my update to Ptah, which is interchangeable with Dehuti. Namaste, peeps.

—Enjoy. :)

Comment by TCWhite 28th March 2017

05/28/17: Updated. I've added a couple more glyphs to the bold version, and four new alternate-spaced versions (Dehuti Alt, et cetera), for ebooks or general usage. The spacing concerns the vertical spacing, which in the normal version is set high to accommodate diacritic use without overlapping or clipping. —Enjoy. :)

Comment by TCWhite 6th June 2017

Check out Dehuti's cousin, Dehjuti, which is now available on MyFonts.

Dehjuti is similar in many aspects, e.g., all the majuscule letters in basic Latin are the same, with the exception of W. This is not so outside of basic Latin; Æ and ß are different, for example. For the minuscule, e, f, g, p, q, and r, are different. For some, the difference is obviously noticable; for others, minimal, such as p and q, and all other descenders, which now have full serifs.

All punctuation, with the exception of the dots, has been altered—this includes the reference marks, such as the asterisks.

Nearly half of the diacritics have been redesigned/altered.

There are alterations to many of the Cyrillic and Greek letters. All additional blocks pertaining to Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic, have been filled in, with the exception of a few characters. Basic Coptic has finally been added.

Additional pictographs and arrows have been added, some with alternative forms in the bold version or Stylistic Alternatives table. The bold version glyphs are primarily black.

Corrections have been made to the open type tables. The superscript table now includes all superscript and modifier letters. Previously, only the numbers had truly been superscript—they have now been aligned with the modifier letters, i.e., they are all numerators.

Mayan numerals have been added, as well as more mathematical symbols/glyphs.

All together, the new design has a better harmony, and nearly 900 new glyphs. It also has three variants, which pertain to differing Cyrillic, i.e., Regular, Bulgarian (B), and Macedonian/Serbian (MS).

I hope you check it out. It has been long in the making.


T. Christopher White

Comment by TCWhite 28th January 2019

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You risk losing your commenting priveleges if you do so. Read more.

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