Zeshit Sans

by TCWhite

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This is my attempt at doing a cased version of Iirden Las, the Galactic alphabet. Though the original version came to us from the numerous crashed spacecraft and was only capitals, I remember this alphabet being cased, especially when in text. The version available on Font Library is different than this one—I've updated some letters and the punctuation. —See below.

Info: Created on 5th February 2016 . Last edited on 19th February 2016.
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Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You risk losing your commenting priveleges if you do so. Read more.

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This is the Galactic language of Light. I did not create this alphabet, I just made it into a font. On this world, this language is Ancient Egyptian. The characters are as follows, as I have transliterated them: long A, as in (father), B; Ts, as in (its/pizza); D; E, as in (get/bet); F; G, always hard, as in (go/get); H, as in (home); long I, as in (piece); Dzh, as in (jet/jump), K; L; M; N; O, always long as in (boat/hope); P; Q, a guttural or uvular c/k; R, slightly trilled; S; T; long U, as in (true); V; W; Dz; Y, as in (you); and Z, as in (zoo).

The short vowels are as follows: Ạ, as in (up/atop); Ẹ, as in (get/bet); Ị, as in (it, bit); Ụ, as in (put/foot). Ọ is pronounced the same as Ụ. I included E with the underdot for those languages where E is long. In Iirden Lạs E is always short. Long E is written Ei in most languages. In Iirden Lạs it is written aei, a combination of ae, as in (hat/cat), and long I. I/igh/y, in English, is written how it is in practically all languages, i.e., Ai. Au is as in (now/house).

The consonants plus "h" are as follows: Ts+h, as in (itch/chime); D+h (ð), as in (the, they); G+h (Gamma), a guttural or uvular g, the voiced version of Hh; H+h, a guttural h, as in (loch/Bach); S+h (ś), as in (shine/ash); T+h (þ), as in (thin/thistle); and, Z+h as in English (measure). These are made using the caron diacritic.

The doubled consonants are as follows: Ll, a breathing l as in Welsh (h+l); and, Rr, a trilled, breathing r (h+r). Finally, there is Ng (Ŋ), as in (sing). These are made using the underdot diacritic.

Comment by TCWhite 20th February 2016

I use my own version of the Welsh double L for Ll, Yr for Rr, and Eng for Ng. My versions of Ll and Rr have doubled stems with connecting central bars. Another way to represent Ll and Rr would be with the single bar through them.

Comment by TCWhite 20th February 2016

You can now get Zeshit Sans on Font Library. It includes the Book and Italic versions. :)

Comment by TCWhite 21st February 2016

I've updated the font, simplifying the punctuation after realizing everything is connected, i.e., when the ideas came into our reality, they would be mirrored elsewhere.

Comment by TCWhite 6th May 2016

Please do not request download access or license changes in the comments.You risk losing your commenting priveleges if you do so. Read more.

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